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My Man… My Geek Jedi Master


This (as you may have guessed it) is a post dedicated to my man. My Martin. My other half. The Love of My Life. The year is headed towards it’s end and with the high anticipation of another great year, filled with love, laughter and warmth, i’d like to express my gratitude. To my Jedi master of course. My Martin.

I’m a firm believer in love conquers all mentality, and this is a post about that. And gratitude, and hope and respect. Look, without sounding too sappy and cliché, i’d love to say thanks to my man for everything he did for me this past year. I’m talking about both the little things and the big things. Little things like making me lunch when i came home from work- exhausted and hungry, and supporting me when i lost my job this autumn (from he big things side of this story). He’s been a great deal of emotional and financial support through those dark months, and that made me love him even more.

They say that you can see the true side of one man’s character through the bad times, and boy did that was true. Martin never once said a mean, resentful comment about my unemployment, nor did he complained or bugged me about it. In fact he supported me with kindness, with great movies and with love.

He also paid the gym membership for me in these past months, he paid most of the bills, and paid for the food on the table. He paid for the cinema outings and supported my blog with all his knowledge and experience. And that’s why i’m lovingly refer to him as my Jedi-master. You have no idea the amount of movies i watched with him over the course of this year. Good and bad movies. He’s enriched my life, my knowledge of movies and geek culture in general, and i can’t thank him enough for that.

Just last night when he greeted me from work, in a span of 10 minutes i learned not just of a great comic book that i never even knew it existed (The Boys), i learned also about a TV series that’s been adapted from that comic book, and those 10 minutes broadened my horizon to a whole another level.

Although i excessively watched movies as a kid (i still do to be honest), and binged on TV shows (still do that too), i wasn’t really drawn to the comic book/video games world. But now i am, and i’ve grown to appreciate and even love that aspect of his character. And as a girl who’s only video game experience growing up was Super Mario on Nintendo console, i played Lara Croft and arcade video games with my Jedi Master in this year. I can’t say that i was good at them, but hey… He got me out of my comfort zone, and i appreciate that.

I’ve learned about old movies that i’ve never even heard before (can you believe it) and watched movies i never even knew they existed. I’m looking at you Kung Pow. And you wouldn’t even believe the many ways this accumulated knowledge have been handy in this part year. Whether it was the Four Weddings And A Funeral post i did this Valentine’s day or just the sheer knowledge of geek-culture that i used in my every day conversations, i have my Jedi master to thank for all of those things.

Thank you my Jedi Master for your patience, love and support. Here’s to a better new year filled with more great movies, video games and more great moments together.


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