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Movie Obsession: Marisa Tomei’s Outfits in Only You


Despite being a film critic, up to this weekend, I haven’t event heard about Only You. I know.. For shame right? But, I and my boy, (being the Robert Downey Jr fans that we are) decided to watch a relatively unknown films with Robert Downey JR, as a new sorta „feel good movie challenge“.

I picked a movie that Martin hasn’t seen with Robert Downey Jr and he picked a movie with him that I haven’t seen before. So. My pick was Jodi Foster’s Home for the Holidays and his pick was the 1994 rom com Only You for our little mini RDH marathon.

How have not even heard about his gem called Only You by now? I loved it. I loved that for the most part the movie took place in Italy, I loved Marisa Tomei and RDJ’s characters and I loved that Bonnie Hunt was in it to… I’m such a fan of Bonnie.

Marisa Tomei’s character Faith is just 10 days shy of marrying a well of but boring podiatrist. However a childhood obsession with the name Damon Bradley will make her fly to Italy with her sister in Law and look for the man by the name of Damon Bradley that she’s never met before, and don’t know how to find. She believes that it’s her destiny to marry the man by the name of Damon Bradley, but like Cinderella running away from the ball, will meet her prince.

Robert Downey Jr’s Damon Bradley. Just kidding. He’s not Damon Bradley – just pretending to be just to woo her (I love that word) and the rest of the 115 minutes of running time is her frantic pursuit to find the man who believes is her soul-mate. Hint… It’s not Damon Bradley. Moving on to the movie….

The tone, the setting, the visual style and performances from the actors draw inspiration from the great love movies from the Golden era of Hollywood, but can you give me a minute to talk (ok write) about the outfits?

Yeah. The outfits that Marisa and Bonnie wear are peak 90’s with a timeless classic twist. Long wavy evening dresses in red and white with cutout pieces on the side. Marisa’s short hair is a lovely addition to her boyish and sometimes naïve personality and I just loved the little scarfs and bandannas that both actresses used as a versatile accessories. They were on their heads, on their necks and oh man do I loved every single outfit that those two ladies wore in that movie. But why am I writing about it…

Here… Have a look for yourself.



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