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Miranda Hobbes maybe was on to something (about her wedding)


Well… If you were following my blog.. You can pretty much notice a couple of things. I love watching movies and TV series, I’m engaged to be married and I’m a lifelong fan of Sex and the city.

The legendary series defined a better part of my teenage years, and as I get older my preference and identification with the 4 leading ladies shifts. I started out as Carrie Bradshaw (mostly because we’re both in journalism and we both love fashion) but I’m totally a Miranda now. Wise, opinionated, cynical, and down to earth about almost anything. Even about my upcoming wedding.

Me and my fiancée haven’t set an exact date but the ball park dates are in the summer of 2018. And as I start to prepare for the BIG day, I start to appreciate Miranda Hobbes’s pragmatic way of making her own big day come to life. Her engagement (in the last season of Sex and the city) was a low key event, brought on after 5 dollar beers and peanuts…. and so was mine for that matter. We were at my place and we were watching movies when he popped the question. Just like in Miranda’s case, Martin (my fiancé) didn’t have a ring at the time, but I gladly said yes.

And while I don’t have a child so my jig is not up yet… I’ll opt for a wedding dress instead of a burgundy dress. But I’m on the same page as Miranda on the venue and the size of the guest-list. My fiancée and I are not wealthy at all, but we do like to have a meddling- free wedding (from our parents), so small intimate outdoor wedding is the best choice for that.

Like Miranda I want to say the vows out loud to the people I love, and in the most intimate way possible. And in a place that doesn’t make me hurl. I was always opposed to big and extravagant traditional weddings , so I figured with a small budget the best way to win is to make it small in size and just the way I like it.

After the event Miranda, Charlotte, Carrie and Samantha along with the guest went to a small key restaurant and that was that. A celebration of love with family and friends with a no fuss attitude.

Very Miranda-like indeed.


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