Blast from the past

Meryl on TV


You know this lady I presume. The undisputed queen of Hollywood that just god her 21st Academy Award nomination.

Yes, Meryl was (shockingly right ahaha) nominated yet again for another Oscar, and now for her brilliant portrayal of the Washington Post publisher, Kay Graham in Steven Spielberg directed biopic- The Post.

But as it was announced, Meryl is returning to small screens next year. Yup. She will be part of the super successful TV series Big Little Lies, and will be her first TV acting since starring in 5 episodes of Lisa Kudrow’s Web Therapy.

But that was 6 years ago. Since she narrated a bunch of documentaries and TV movies, and her fans (and the fans of Big Little Lies) can’t hardly wait for this one.

And although it may seem that Meryl is the queen of film, she’s been known for her love for TV. Sure she may used TV to get her career jump started back when she was ingénue, but she’s had some brilliant TV appearances throughout her illustrious and enviable career too.

So, in honor of Meryl Streep’s return to the small screens, let’s look back at her best TV appearances to date.

The Deadliest Season (1977)

Fun Fact about the movie: It’s a TV movie and its Meryl Streep’s film debut.

Holocaust (1978)

Fun Fact about the movie: it’s actually a four part miniseries and so many people watched this miniseries in New York City when first broadcast, that when commercials were on, the local water pressure dropped, due to so many people using their toilets at once.

Uncommon Women and Others (1978)

Fun Fact about the movie: The original stage cast reprised their roles except for Glenn Close. Meryl Streep went on to take over her role of Leilah.

Alice at the Palace (1982)

Fun Fact about the movie: It’s a TV musical version of Alice in Wonderland (1955) with Meryl in the lead role- that of Alice.

…First Do No Harm (1997)

Fun Fact about the movie: Meryl Streep was so moved by the subject of the project that she gave her time freely and was not compensated financially.

Angels in America (2003)

Fun Fact about the miniseries: When Nurse Emily starts babbling in Hebrew to Prior, she’s actually reciting El Malei Rachamim, the prayer for the dead, asking for the repose of Prior’s soul.

Web Therapy (2010-2012)

Fun Fact about the series: Lisa Kudrow actually personally asked Meryl if she would like to be in the series (while they were both guests at an event) and she said yes on the spot.


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