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Men (And Women) in Black International


You’ve probably seen the trailer. No, not the Hellboy trailer. I’m talking about the Men in Black International official trailer. The official trailer for the Men In Black spin-off called Men in Black International was released yesterday, and I kinda like it. Seriously.

Why? Well for several reasons actually. My girl Emma Thompson is back in the role of Agent O (she reprises her role from Men in Black 3), Liam Neeson is in it too, and don’t even get me started on the two leads. Chris Hemsworth and Tessa Thompson are together again and kicking ass just like they did in Thor Ragnarok.

In fact, many of the Youtube comments were directed at their characters and Thor Ragnarok as well.

-Hey, thanks for giving us a Thor Ragnarok a deleted scene.

-So…Thor and Valkyrie reunited…Great!!

But just like in the Hellboy trailer, a lot of the complaints were aimed at the lack of Will Smith/Tommy Lee Jones presence. And once again i’m going to point out the obvious thing that many people seem to be forgetting. It’s a spin-off people. Chill.

Relax and enjoy the trailer. It’s a spin-off movie of a well-loved franchise. Look I get it. New actors and new plot are a must in spin-offs. I’m hopeful for this one because  F. Gary Gray was chosen to direct this movie and of course Art Marcum and Matt Holloway to write the script.

But you know what?

For once i’m actually thrilled that there were not that many comments about Sony’s decision to a woman in one of the lead roles. I mean they were comments about Tessa’s presence, but I guess most of them we focused on the Will Smith and Tommy Lee Jones’s absence. Tessa dodged a big misogynist bullet there, let me tell you that.

The official trailer looks fun, Chris and Tessa have great chemistry once again, Kumail Nanjiani will steal the show yet again (i just know it) and i’m hoping that it will be a much better role for Chris than the one in Ghostbusters.

Men in Black International is scheduled to be released on June 14, 2019.


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