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Let’s talk about Toni Collette’s Best Mom Role


You’ve probably heard of this lady. The immensely talented Toni Collette, and the star of the awesome horror Hereditary. Well, the Youtube channel Fandor made a brief analysis of her roles as a mother and what Collete brings to each and every of those maternal roles.

From her Academy Award nominated performance in The Sixth Sense to the horror Hereditary, Collete has played some loving and some troubled mothers on screen with such an ease that’s frightening.

But what Fandor failed to mention in his video, is one particularly good role of Toni’s. The role of Fiona in 2002’s About a Boy. Yes I admit the role of Sheryl Hoover in Little Miss Sunshine is also brilliant and so close to the top, I must mention the role of Fiona, since it’s been left out in this video.

If you haven’t seen About a Boy, do yourself a favor and watch it immediately. You’ll thank me later. But Toni is exceptionally fantastic in this British romantic comedy. She plays Fiona. A depressed and suicidal single mother of Marcus (Nicholas Hoult). She’ll get briefly involved with Hugh Grant’s Will character, and although her character is supporting, it’s vital to the story of this fantastic movie.

Fiona is loving and caring mom, who’s happened to be crippled by depression. On the outside, she’s quite an eccentric. She dresses like a hippy and encourages her son to be a vegetarian. I can’t help but remember the scene in which her son confronts her after her failed suicide attempt. It’s both heartbreaking and incredibly sad.

I, like so many of you fell in love with Toni back in the 90’s when I saw Muriel’s Wedding, and she keeps surprising me with each and every role that she plays. Admit it. She’s great in dramas horrors, and even action thrillers (yeah, I’m looking at you XXX: Return of Xander Cage), but she really nails the mom roles to the notch.



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