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Let’s meet Mindhunter’s breakout star


You’ve probably heard of Mindhunter. The awesome Netlix crime/drama that is co-produced and co-directed by David Fincher. Well the two male leads Jonathan Groff and Holt McCallany are brilliant in it, and so are the two female actresses in the supporting roles Anna Torv and Hannah Gross. But I want to put the focus on something else for a second. Or should I say… On someone else.

Cameron Britton. The 32 year old 6′ 5″ tall actor was present in only 3 episodes of Mindhunter but managed to impress us (the audience) both with his talent and on screen presence. He plays the notorious serial killer Edmund Kemper and he’s part of the lengthily FBI interviews made by the FBI agents Holden Ford (Jonathan Groff) and Bill Tench (Holt McCallany).

Britton is a newcomer in every sense of the word. His earliest acting role (according to the IMDB) dates back to 2014 with his appearance in the low budget Camp Takota. He was also in the cast of Zoe R. Cassavetes’s directorial work Day Out of Days and prior to making it with Mindhunder, Britton was in this year’s All Earthly Constraints, but also in the SF series Stitchers.

I’m looking forward in seeing more of Cameron in the future. It’s not easy to play a serial killer so convincingly and yet to find empathy and humanity in such vicious and coldblooded character. He managed to make a great impression on me, and trust me it has nothing to do with his size. Cameron is one hell of an actor.


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