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Let’s meet Dunkirk’s „new blood“ shall we?


Christopher Nolan’s latest movie Dunkirk is probably one of year’s best. The WWII drama that Nolan wrote, directed and co-produced (with his wife Emma Thomas) has captivated both audiences and critics alike and even from a mid-summer perspective is considered to be a strong awards contender.

The movie features not just some of Nolan’s favorite actors like Cillian Murphy and Tom Hardy, not just some of the most respected actors working today (the likes of Kenneth Branagh, James D’Arcy and Academy Award Winner Mark Rylance come to mind) but also young, talented up and coming actors that are sure to have brilliant careers in the future.

There are 5 of them in Dunkirk to be precise. Well 6 if you count Harry Styles. Fresh new blood of acting talent that graces the screen in this gritty WWII drama. Harry Styles of course being the most famous of them (not so much for his acting, but for his career as a member of the boy band One Direction).

But what about the rest of them? The rest of the boys in Dunkirk? I’m referring to the much younger and unknown actors that got the chance to rub shoulders with the acting giants like Branagh and Rylance.

Watch out for these fine young talents. There is a bright future ahead of them.

Fionn Whitehead

The London native, Fionn had his feature film debut precisely in Dunkirk. How cool is that? To be starting your film career in a Christopher Nolan movie? Outstanding. Whitehead who plays Tommy –the British Army private, was cast as the lead of the film after a secretive auditioning process that took several months. But up until then, he was known by the TV miniseries HIM that aired on ITV last year. He is yet to appear in The Children Act alongside Emma Thompson and Stanely Tucci later this year. So look out for him.

Tom Glynn-Carney

Much like fellow actor Fionn, young Tom had his movie debut in Dunkirk as well. He’s been previously been known by the appearances in the TV shows like Casualty and The Last Post. And not only that he’s acting in his first movie (the one that’s directed by Nolan) he’s doing it besides Mark Rylance. Tom plays Peter, his younger son. Amazing !

Jack Lowden

A more experienced actor than the previous two, but still young. Jack had been a prolific actor on TV, film and on stage since his debut in 2010. He even won an Olivier award back in 2014, and made his film debut in the historical thriller ’71. World War I BBC drama series War and Peace and Amma Asante’s biographical drama- A United Kingdom are already under his belt… that is… right before he took on the role of Collins, the Royal Air Force pilot in Dunkirk.

Aneurin Barnard

A Welsh actor that plays a French soldier. That’s Aneurin Barnard in Dunkirk. The oldest of the „ fresh blood“ bunch, Bernard is best known for his roles as Davey in Hunky Dory, Claude in The Truth About Emanuel, Robert “Bobby” Willis Jr. in Cilla and King Richard III in The White Queen. He and his Dunkirk co-star Jack Lowden, both appeared in War and Peace miniseries, but very soon fans will be able to see him in Tom Edmunds ‘s black comedy – Dead in a Week: Or Your Money Back.

Barry Keoghan

Also a colleague of Jack Lowden. They both shared the big screen in ’71 before they shared the screen in Dunkirk. Last year’s Trespass Against Us was a great acting experience for the 24 year old actor, but after Dunkirk, fans will be able to see him in The Killing of a Sacred Deer, one of the most anticipated movies of the year. I highly recommend that one!.

Harry Styles

The One Direction’s singer has not acted in any film, series or stage play prior to Dunkirk.


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