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Let’s celebrate Nicole Kidman’s 50th birthday with some of her best movies


As Aussie icon Nicole Kidman celebrates her 50th birthday today. The Academy Award winner and one of the most talented and stylish actresses working today begins a new decade of her life, and in her honor let’s celebrate her milestone with a retrospective of her greatest films.

Hawaii born Kidman started her acting career in her native Australia, before making it big in Hollywood in the early 90’s. Her first Hollywood film was Days of Thunder in which she starred opposite her ex-husband Tom Cruise, and she didn’t looked back. Gus Van Sant’s To Die For marked her first Golden Globe win, and precisely in that decade she collaborated with directors like Ron Howard, Joel Schumacher, Jane Campion and Stanley Kubrick in his last movie Eyes Wide Shut.

Since the divorce from Cruse, her career went up, and Moulin Rouge! Got her first Academy Award nomination. Next year’s The Hours got her first Oscar win, the decade following was filled with hard drama movies (The Human Stain, Dogville, Cold Mountain, Birth) and with diverse mix of genres (The Stepford Wives, Bewitched, The Invasion, The Golden Compass).

Besides playing Virginia Wolf on the screen, Nicole is noted for playing several famous and accomplished women from history such as Diane Arbus in Fur, Grace Kelly in Grace of Monaco, Gertrude Bell in Queen of the Desert, Aline Bernstein in Genius and Sue Brierley in last year’s Lion for which she earned her 4th Academy Award nomination.

This year Nicole transitioned into small screen with 2 successful TV shows: HBO’s Big Little Lies and with the upcoming second season of Top of the Lake.

Next year she’ll be diving once more in the DC Comics territory with a role in the upcoming Aquaman, but for now let’s take a good look at her best movies to date.

Days of Thunder- 1990

Flirting- 1991

My Life- 1993

To Die For- 1995

The Portrait of a Lady- 1996

Eyes Wide Shut- 1999

Moulin Rouge!- 2001

The others- 2001

The Hours- 2002

Dogville- 2003

Cold Mountain- 2003

Margot at the Wedding- 2007

Rabbit Hole- 2010

The Paperboy- 2012

Lion- 2016


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