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Let Me Tell You About The Cary Fukunaga Recommendation I’ve Got


You’ve probably heard the news. Cary Joji Fukunaga was chosen to direct Bond 25, the upcoming movie from the James Bond franchise.

The acclaimed and Emmy winning director is also due to present Maniac, his latest TV series that he directed and co-produced for Netflix. Maniac is set to be released today on Netflix and stars Emma Stone and Jonah Hill.

But, his true fans know him for directing and producing the first season of the HBO classic anthology series True Detective. Fukunaga won an Emmy award for directing the Who Goes There episode, and became an instant internet thirst for the female population.

Yes he’s hot. I agree.

But if you want a bigger appreciation of his talent behind the camera, check out the 2011 version of Jane Eyre, or his most recent Beasts of No Nation.

However… My post is not for that. This post is about the recommendation I was given by someone I truly respect. Have you heard of Milcho Manchevski? Well, he’s one of the best directors out there and he’s also born and raised in my hometown. He’s a Venice film festival winner, an Academy Award nominated director and all around bad-ass.

He teaches film directing at the Feirstein Graduate School, has taught and lectured at NYU’s Tisch, and was also Cary Joji Fukunaga’s professor too. When I interviewed Milcho back in 2013, I asked him if there is any of his students that the world needs to look out for. Is the new Paul Thomas Anderson or Christopher Nolan in one of his classes?

Yeah… Watch out for this guy Cary Fukunaga. He’s amazing. He’ll go far, this kid…. Said Milcho and somehow that name stuck with me.

Imagine my surprise an year later when I saw him on the stage, collecting his Emmy award. It was much deserved, and I just know that he’ll do an amazing job with Bond 25. He’s got great style and impeccable eye for detail, but I’m also fond of his long takes.

Milcho was right. He’ll go far!


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