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Ladies! Don’t Stop Talking About Your Paychecks!


Seriously don’t stop. You’ve may have heard about the gender pay gap. It’s practically everywhere and in ever field of work (since the dawn of time), but the actresses of Hollywood (via all the media in the world) are bringing it into your daily life once again whether you like it or not.

You’ve may have also heard about the pay inequality between the male and female actors in such shows like The Affair, The Queen and in movies like All The Money In The World. It’s been even rumored that Ruth Wilson was dismissed from The Affair (and her character killed off) because she complained that she was paid less than her male co-stars.

She’s not allowed to publicly say why she was let go from the series, but yeah… you get the idea i’m affraid.

To which I say…. Don’t stop talking about it ladies. Emma Thomson, Keira Knightley whoever you are. Please don’t ever stop talking about this issue. Complain if you have to. Raise your voice and state your worth. Cause if you don’t nobody else will.

On the other side of the thinks, just look at the all the media outlets who reported on Benedict Cumberbatch’s pay rise for the Doctor Strange sequel.

Avengers 4 star Benedict Cumberbatch is set to earn a huge pay raise for Doctor Strange 2. The British actor is now expected to make a whopping £7.5 million just for Doctor Strange 2, and the news spread like wildfire right afterwards.

The comments bellow each and every of those articles were in praise of this decision and yes you can quite imagine them right now as i’m writing this…

“Well he deserves it. He was great in Doctor Stranger in Avengers Infinity War“.

To which I agree, but so were Michelle Williams and Claire Foy. Why were their pay rise demands met with such hostility and mockery? Why did the general public dismissed their demands fro equal pay? Why  the women in the work field have to fear dismissal and backlash if their voices are heard regarding this issue?

Because they are women? I hate to think so, but I can’t help but think it’s true. If they were men things would have been different, but sadly they’re not.

Back in May Cumberbatch famously proclaimed that he’ll refuse to act in a project if his female colleagues are not paid as much as he, and I’d love to see if that statement is true or just some publicity BS.

The production of Doctor Strange starts in early 2019, and I’d love to see if his female co-star gets a 7.5 million Pounds check. Time will tell, but until then ladies, don’t ever shut up about this. I won’t stop talking (and writing) about it and you should do the same.


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