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Kevin James: The Unsung Hero Of The Coronavirus Lock-down?


I gather you’ve heard about Kevin James before? NO? Ok… The dude from The King of Queens, Grown Ups and Kevin can wait. Among other things. Yeah. That guy. Slightly overweight and supposedly funny. Well, just to be clear, I’ve never really found him that funny to be honest.

His movies are OK for the most part, but the dude doesn’t seem to appeal to my very low comedic standards. Well, that was the case, well until this February.

Who knew that the guy who was just annoyance for me in most of the comedic movies, will end up being the guy I turn to make me laugh in the age of constant lock-downs?

Yeah, I never thought that would happen either to be honest. But that happened ever since he started his own YouTube channel and… I must say… He’s killing it.

And what exactly can you find on his YouTube channel? Well a lot to be honest. His videos are very short (in the 2.5-3.00 minutes run-time) but very funny. They’re brilliantly conceived, amazingly edited and on the topics of the videos are on point.

I especially enjoy his „Sound Guy“ videos in which he pretends to be the sound guy in today’s most popular movies. Inception, Joker, The Notebook, I Am Legend, and A Star Is Born… Those are just the few that are hilarious.

Then there’s the Hopes & Dreams episode in which he’s Regg, the slightly annoying office guy, but the highlight of his YouTube career are the ASMR „cooking videos“. Not really an ASMR nor cooking videos, they’re more a parody of every pretentious cooking channel out there. Especially the ASMR cooking channels, which are the worst.

He also touched on so many issues regarding the current lock-down. The birthdays that are being celebrated in solitude, the constant threat of breaking the social isolation rules… And of course things that some of us really miss. Sports. For Kevin its baseball, for me its football.

And furthermore, do you know why I like his channel? Well, despite the humor, short run-time and good production quality? Because for a celebrity, he’s surprisingly self-deprecating and not too big of an arrogant prick. Which i grew to appreciate over time. As you probably know, most of the celebrity YouTube channels are endless cash-grab machines or ruthless agenda-pushing platforms. And annoying on top of everything else.

Most celebrities are either pushing some charity mission down our throats, trying to sell us something, being too ostentatious with their wealth or just being huge assholes. I’m looking at you Jada Pinkett Smith. The lady thinks she’s the next Oprah, but many people don’t have the heart to tell her… OH HELL NO.

Jack Black plays video games on YouTube, while Mayim Bialik gives plenty of advice’s on being a vegan, divorced and nerd on her channel. And… I think you got the idea. Kevin James is different. He’s funny without looking like he’s trying too much. He’s turning out to be a beacon of hope for plenty of quarantined people and I kinda like it.

He’s YouTube channel has been operational since February and from the moment of wiring this post, has 28 published videos, but I’m kinda looking forward for more content from him.

Keep up the good work dude!


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