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Jessica Chastain: the hero, the spy, the fighter


You’ve probably heard of this lady. Jessica Chastain. Redhead, gorgeous, talented and opinionated bad-ass lady. Oh and probably one of the most talented actresses working today. Academy award nominated actress and one of my favorite heroes. Why? Well, let me start by the current news and i’ll get to the memory-lane facts/things/statements about her. I truly hope you like her too by the end of this post, but let me tell you upfront why i actually like her. Ready?

Well, for starters she’s recruiting a bunch of awesome, talented actress like herself to star in the spy movie 355. Marion Cotillard, Penélope Cruz, Lupita Nyong’o, and Fan Bingbing will be joining the cast, and the movie will be it’s own standalone version of a great spy thriller, similar to those of the MI franchise. Just with a fantastic group of A-list women, all playing hard core spies and defending the humanity from annihilation. How cool is that?

But i love her because of what she does in her private life too. Yes, she rocked in Molly’s Game and i can’t wait to see her in X-Men Dark Phoenix by the end of this year… But i think what she does of screen is more important than what she does on it. She’s a god damn hero, a fighter, an activist, a campaigner and a decent human being. I know that a lot of right wing nut-jobs would disagree with me, but i applaud her planned parenthood support. I applaud her anti bulling campaigns, i agree with her on her the ongoing and by now tiresome freedom of choice issues. Oh and most of all i want to give her a hug about her tireless campaign for equal pay and female empowerment. I really do.

According to Variety, Octavia Spencer (during a panel at the 2018 Sundance Film Festival) revealed that Jessica Chastain fought for her to make five times her asking salary on an upcoming film. She was a tireless supported of the #MeToo movement last year, and i don’t share her views on Veganism, i pretty much agree on almost everything else. Unlike most of the actresses that just attend events and luncheons to talk the talk, and to get bogus awards, she actually gets the job done. She even donated 2000$ to a woman’s GoFundMe campaign to get fertility treatment for Pete’s sake. Did i mentioned that that very same woman criticized Jessica on the abortion stance? Yup. She forgave her and still donated the money. When she could just as easily just said fuck you lady!. Yup… She took the high road, and was an adult about it.

She’s a fighter and a role-model to so many women. Not saying she’s Norma Rae or Mother Theresa, but she’s not to afraid to speak up and got get things moving, when the occasion calls for it. On top of that, i really enjoy watching her movies, and i’m still baffled by the fact that she’s still short of an Oscar. Come on people! What does this woman has to do in order to get her hands on one of those golden statues?

But regardless… With or without an Oscar… I love her. I love what she stands for, and i love the movies she’s in. She’s my hero, my spy and my fighter.




  1. LaiAriel Samangka 3 May, 2018 at 13:27 Reply

    Wow, I haven’t heard about her name before and seemed like I never had a chance to watch one of her movies. But reading your post about her, I think I should check her cause she seemed to be really likeable and interesting. You seemed to really adore her so much and love her whole being as well. Thank you so much for sharing about her.

    • filmsane 3 May, 2018 at 13:34 Reply

      I do 🙂 I do adore her 😉 and thanks for visiting my blog… Hope you like it…. I truly hope i can interest you with more posts in the future… and stay tuned for the Avengers Infinity War film review that will be published tomorrow 🙂

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