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Jessica Chastain is already teasing us… but James and Bill are perfect for It: Chapter Two


If you’re following Jessica Chastain on Instagram, you’ve probably seen her latest post. It’s a photo still of her and James McAvoy in The Disappearance of Eleanor Rigby, glued with another photo of Sophia Lillis and Jaeden Lieberher, the child actor that played the roles of Bill and Beverly I the 2017’s horror film.

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If you’d like to be positive you’ll go ahead and assume that McAvoy is already on board for the sequel (called It: Chapter Two for now), but nothing has been confirmed at this point. McAvoy is of course not the only actor that is currently in talks to be in the It sequel, because according to Variety, so is Bill Hader.

McAvoy is in talks for the role of Bill, who was played by Jaeden Lieberher in the movie, while Hader is in talks for the role of Richie, a role that was played by Finn Wolfhard in the last film. Chastain is already confirmed for the role of Beverly of course, and I love love love for it to be true. Think about it. McAvoy is one of the most talented Scottish exports, and is known to be versatile not just in his roles but also in his performances. I mean look what he did in Split. He managed to portray 23 different characters down to perfection and I can’t wait for Glass to be honest. He’d be perfect in the role of Bill.

Bill Hader on the other hand is a different beast. Started of a comedic actor, became a master of impressions, and right now he’s at that’s stage of his career where he’s revered for his dramatic performances. And he’s good at them to… I was blown away by The Skeleton Twins and I’m a huuuuge fan of Barry. I mean is there anything that this man cannot do?

So, if this turns out the way I like it to turn out (in the casting I mean) and James and Bill accept the roles, there will be 2 additional reasons for me to watch the sequel. I’m not a fan of the genre, but I did enjoyed the 2017 movie, and i’m looking forward to this. Don’t let me down guys.

It: Chapter Two opens on September 6 2019.


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