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James Woods Is Not Just A Republican…. He’s A Mean Douche Too


Oh James Woods. How i used to love you. Before you turned into male embodiment of Roseanne Barr. You know… The Trump loving, hate speech promoting, conspiracy theory believing, right to chose criticizing, right wing lunatic. And you’ve probably heard the news about him though… The 2 time Oscar nominated actor revealed to his over 1.5 million Twitter followers that his agent Ken Kaplan had dropped him as a client on the night of the Fourth of July. Kaplan sent Woods an email saying he was “feeling patriotic” and did not want to represent Woods anymore, so as usual, Woods went on a Twitter tirade right after that. You know in order to relieve himself from his anger and disappointment.

For years and years now, Woods claims that his career has suffered and he’s been blacklisted by the liberal folks in Hollywood, just because he holds conservative values and he’s strong Republican party supporter. His last credited acting role was in 2014’s Jamesy Boy and he had a voice over role in the 2016 animated movie Bling. Since then, he’s been notorious Twitter troll, and has been accused of sexual misconduct allegations from 3 different actresses. Let’s just say that James Woods is not in the best shape of his life, career and life wise and it’s only his fault.

Now, his Wikipedia page states that he’s been registered Republican from 1999 (he’s been a Democrat before) and yeah, that’s the date we can all pinpoint where his career took a nosedive. But to say that he’s been blacklisted just because he’s a conservative Republican is a bit much. No Mr. Woods, you’re not being blacklisted and ostracized because you’re a conservative. Nobody wants to work with you because you’re an asshole. Even your agent, let alone you colleagues and peers.  There are plenty or conservative Republicans in Hollywood that have fulfilling careers, and you have could be in that bracket, if you were a bit more compassionate and you know… less of a douche.

Another reason for the demise of his career is the fact that he’s not making good film choices and he’s not bankable anymore. Happens to plenty of actors, but with a little luck and good career guidance he could have had a career revival years ago. If only he would now antagonizes and piss off half of the people in Hollywood. If only he would stay away from Twitter. If only.

There’s a fine line between being a conservative and an asshole, and he crossed that line years ago. What he still doesn’t get is that freedom of speech doesn’t mean freedom from consequences. Roseanne Barr learned that last month, and James Woods this week. But let’s now dwell on Wood’s views and poor life choices. Let’s look back at his finer points, and the only redeemable quality in this shell of a man. His movies. I’ve selected 15 of his movies that i enjoy to this very day, despite the fact that he’s in them. He was a great actor and he has movies to prove it. He’re some of his best movies.

The Way We Were (1973)

Director: Sydney Pollack
Stars: Barbra Streisand, Robert Redford, Bradford Dillman…
Fun fact about the movie: It’s James Woods’ first film (although not the first to be released).

The Gambler (1974)

Director: Karel Reisz
Stars: James Caan, Paul Sorvino, Lauren Hutton…
Fun fact about the movie: In real-life, when a gambler owes a huge amount of money to a bookie, he is not allowed to bet with any other bookie until his outstanding debt is either paid in full, or substantially paid down. It is also the case that a bookie would never cover a bet to anyone who owes a large amount of money, and would spread the word around town to “freeze” or “shut them out”.

The Onion Field (1979)

Director: Harold Becker
Stars: John Savage, James Woods, Franklyn Seales…
Fun fact about the movie: James Woods tells the “Young Con” played by William Sanderson that he can teach him about the law. Sanderson earned a law degree at Memphis State University.

Against All Odds (1984)

Director: Taylor Hackford
Stars: Rachel Ward, Jeff Bridges, James Woods…
Fun fact about the movie: On the DVD commentary, actors Jeff Bridges and James Woods comment on how many audience members were returning to see the film several times for the brief but highly effective car chase sequence at the start.

Once Upon a Time in America (1984)

Director: Sergio Leone
Stars: Robert De Niro, James Woods, Elizabeth McGovern…
Fun fact about the movie: Robert De Niro requested a private meeting with renowned crime boss Meyer Lansky to prepare for his role as David “Noodles” Aaronson. The request was denied.

Salvador (1986)

Director: Oliver Stone
Stars: James Woods, Jim Belushi, Michael Murphy…
Fun fact about the movie: According to director Oliver Stone, there was a dinner where James Woods (Richard Boyle) and Jim Belushi (Doctor Rock) met their real-life counterparts. In Stone’s words, Belushi stormed out of the dinner in a rage, while Woods did not get along with the real Boyle.

Immediate Family (1989)

Director: Jonathan Kaplan
Stars: Glenn Close, James Woods, Mary Stuart Masterson…
Fun fact about the movie: The amount of time married that husband Michael Spector (James Woods and wife Linda Spector (Glenn Close) had been childless was eleven years of marriage.

Straight Talk (1992)

Director: Barnet Kellman
Stars: Dolly Parton, James Woods, Griffin Dunne…
Fun fact about the movie: The two cars prominently featured to signify Shirley Kenyon’s journey from rags-to-riches are a Ford Pinto and a Mercedes-Benz SL.

The Specialist (1994)

Director: Luis Llosa
Stars: Sylvester Stallone, Sharon Stone, James Woods…
Fun fact about the movie: Sharon Stone was 36 when this movie was filmed, although her character was supposed to be in her early twenties.

Casino (1995)

Director: Martin Scorsese
Stars: Robert De Niro, Sharon Stone, Joe Pesci…
Fun fact about the movie: When James Woods heard that Martin Scorsese was interested in working with him, Woods called Scorsese’s office and left the following message: “Any time, any place, any part, any fee.”

Hercules (1997)

Directors: Ron Clements, John Musker…
Stars: Tate Donovan, Susan Egan, James Woods
Fun fact about the movie: Hades was scripted as a slow, menacing character until James Woods took the role and impressed the crew with his rapid-fire style. Even after the script was rewritten, Woods ad-libbed many lines.

Contact (1997)

Director: Robert Zemeckis
Stars: Jodie Foster, Matthew McConaughey, Tom Skerritt…
Fun fact about the movie: Author and Producer Carl Sagan died during production of the film. He was reportedly taking great care to ensure that “science” was accurately depicted in the film.

The Virgin Suicides (1999)

Director: Sofia Coppola
Stars: Kirsten Dunst, Josh Hartnett, James Woods…
Fun fact about the movie: Robert Schwartzman (Paul Baldino) is the real life cousin of the director Sofia Coppola.

Any Given Sunday (1999)

Director: Oliver Stone
Stars: Al Pacino, Dennis Quaid, Cameron Diaz…
Fun fact about the movie: Oliver Stone’s first two choices to play Tony D’Amato were Al Pacino and Robert De Niro. Although De Niro declined the role, Pacino had already accepted.

Riding in Cars with Boys (2001)

Director: Penny Marshall
Stars: Drew Barrymore, Steve Zahn, Adam Garcia…
Fun fact about the movie: Drew Barrymore, who plays Adam Garcia’s mother, is two years younger than him in real life.



  1. Nishi 1 February, 2021 at 02:14 Reply

    Yep, he’s a giant asshole. He used to be a great actor, but now he’s just a washed up asshole. All these washed up assholes grab on to being a conservative as a way to stay in the limelight. Look at all these losers shilling for Trump–Scott Baio, Stacey Dash, Dean Cain–they’re not even D list. They’re all Z list.

    • Kel 26 March, 2021 at 00:29 Reply

      Your an idiot. There are so many so called washed up assholes that are dumocrats I could fill up this space 1 million times over. Let’s start with no. 1 douche bag…Robert de Niro. Need I say more about this washed up senile obtuse moron

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