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It’s OK To Not Care!


This is a note to me and to pretty much everyone else. But this is also a note to every fan of Matthew Perry. Back the fuck off! I don’t wanna be –Leave Matthew alone type of a girl, but really… Leave him alone.

He’s a grown man and he can look whatever he chooses to look like. And yes. I know. I also saw the photos. He looks run down. He looks bloated, tired and not well. And yes. I’ve been a fan of him since I first saw him in Friends.

In fact, he’s my favorite friend. My favorite Friends actor and Chandler was my favorite character of them all. But seriously. Leave the man alone.

Look, I’m well aware that he hasn’t had the career that everyone hoped to have post Friends. He’s not one of the most in-demand actors in Hollywood (well not anymore) and he’s been opened about his health problems and addictions. Something that also derailed his career for the worse in my opinion.

Which is another reason for you to look the other way. To give the man’s some privacy and to just let him be. Too get his life, career and ever appearance on track. You can’t really help him in any way and even if you could, why would you? You’re all just fans. People he just entertains. None of you really knows him, nobody really understands his struggles and nobody has the recourses to really help him if the help is really what he needs.

You’re just spectators in the life of a celebrity and at this point, you, me and everyone around you are just facing what would otherwise be a genuine concern. Except it’s not. Nobody is really concerned about Matthew Perry. Besides even if you are, he’s a grown man with celebrity status and loads of money that can soar things for himself.

Really… It’s OK not to care. It’s really OK not to gloat at someone else’s misery and unhappiness. Leave him be and back the fuck off. It’s OK not to care. He clearly doesn’t care about you.


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