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Is film nostalgia better when it’s complete?


You’ve probably heard the news. There will be another Terminator movie come 2019.

This week, director James Cameron announced that he’ll be producing a new Terminator movie for Skydance and Paramount. Terminator 6 (as the movie is known in this stage of development) will be released in 2019, and will be directed by Deadpool’s own maestro Tim Miller.

But what’s more important than this surprising announcement, is the fact that both Linda Hamilton and Arnold Schwarzenegger are returning for the sixth Terminator film. In fact the movie is also being crafted as a trilogy and will be direct sequel to the 1991’s Terminator 2. According to Cameron, there will be new characters of course, but Linda and Arnold’s character will anchor the film.

To be honest i want to be very excited about Terminator 6. I really do. Even if that means that Cameron is relaying on nostalgia to lure us back in to the theaters. Sure i’m also aware of the fact that, mix of nostalgia and the lack of original ideas (sounds like a cliché but it’s true) is nothing new to Hollywood, but I want to look back at a movie not that long ago, that did just that. And failed. Terminator Genisys.

Remember Terminator Genisys? Of course you do, but I don’t blame you if you don’t. That horrible movie that just toyed with us (the fans) and left us feeling underwhelmed and disappointed. Sure just like the promise given from Cameron this week, Terminator Genisys also had a new and old characters in the bag, but they were (for the most part) severely miscast. Hey it even had Arnold in a role that no-one wanted to see. As the old and sad reprogrammed T-800. Sarah Connor even called him Pops for fucks sakes. Which brings me to the lady herself. Sara Connor.

Now, we all know the reasoning behind Emilia Clarke’s casting (in the role of young Sarah Connor) was based solely on her Game of thrones popularity (oh yeah and on her youth/beauty). Not particularly on her acting abilities to be honest but hey that’s how Hollywood works now. That’s just a fact and it’s fine. But don’t even get me started on the total lacking in physical and emotional strength when it came to the actual portrayal of a bad ass character like Sarah Connor. I mean she and Ellen Ripley defined the 80’s a cult female film heroes and Clarke didn’t even scratched bellow the surface of what made Sarah Connor great. The defiance, the sass, the strength and the smarts. Sorry… i’m turning this post into a rant.

OK…i’m good now.

Hamilton on the other hand, has not appeared (on camera) in the Terminator franchise movie since T2. Which was 26 years ago, and that’s a loooot of time gone by, especially in Hollywood. Especially after one of the most acrimonious divorces in Hollywood history, which Linda and James Cameron had at the end of the 90’s. The actress will be over 60 years old by the time Terminator 6 premieres and although i applaud the decision to bring Linda back in the role (as a big fuck you to ageism), i’m also baffled by it. Why now? Is the nostalgia better when it’s complete?

Is suddenly Cameron aware that Arnold is not enough to make a decent Terminator movie? Yes Linda and Arnold won’t be the leads (i’m guessing some 18 year old aspiring stars) in the new movie, but why  is James Cameron returning to the franchise, and bringing Linda and Arnold with him? Can’t be the money. The Academy Award winner is loaded. Can’t be the creative challenges, because Cameron will be knee deep in Avatar movies for the next decade. Maybe he’s trying to re-invent the female movie heroine? Makes sense, cause he recently called Patty Jenkins’s Wonder Woman „a step back“ and maybe Terminator 6 it’s his way of showing how a female hero should look like? Again? Hell, maybe he has a point on that.

I mean… Ripley and Sarah Connor back in day, were far from beauty queens (Gal Gadot anyone?). They were far from perfect. They were troubled women who earned back the respect of the audience –  the hard way. That was their appeal. Their flaws, resilience and strength, not their outfits and makeup. So, that being said… I really hope that the nostalgia prevails in the new Terminator movie but in a good way. Hear me out..  I reallly hope Cameron re-invents the movie heroine with Hamilton besides him. Who knows… Maybe she’ll be the „Lea Organa type“ of a mentor to a new breed of young rebels and warriors. And maybe there will be more cosplay girls wanting to be Sarah Connor in the next few years. So, yeah… i guess sometimes, the film nostalgia is way better when it’s complete. Especially when it’s led by the creator.



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