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In A World Filled With Jessy Taylor’s Be A Katie Bouman


You’ve probably heard the news about both of the young women. The two ladies have been dominating the news cycle this week, but with opposite intentions. The first is Jessy Taylor. A wanna-be Instagram star that cried buckets of tears when trolls reported her Instagram page, and she lost more than 100.000 followers in a matter of moments.

The second is Katie Bouman. A MIT grad student that created an algorithm which gave us the first ever photo of a black hole. One is a no-good idiot who thinks that is too good for a 9 to 5 job (or any job period), while the other one is over-achiever that by the age of 30 did something that no other human being on the planet could. And yes, I’m well aware that I’m making an unjust assumptions. I’m very well aware of the fact that I don’t know Jessy’s back-story and history to comment on the matter, but right now all I can think of is that she’s not only making a mockery or us the Millennials, and perpetuating the stereotype that we’re all lazy and entitled brats. No. She’s making a mockery of all of the employed people out there.

And I have zero chills for that to be honest. There are millions of people in the world who are working not one but several jobs in order to provide for themselves and their families. Good hard working people that just get up in the morning and make something of themselves. That take pride in their work, and the hours that they put in order to improve and upgrade themselves. And what does this bitch does? Posts photos of herself in a bikinis on Instagram. That’s it.

From what I understood (you know from her ranting and crying video) she even went to college. She tried to apply herself and become a better version of herself. But she took the easy way out and started an Instagram career. You know I blame the Kardashians for this. For portraying the image that this is a sustainable career. A lucrative way of earning money. It is for some,  but for every Kardashian there are millions of young girls who basically sell a false image on the social media in order to get more money. Without putting too much of an effort. And I found it sad when she said that she’s worthless without her following. Come on! That’s just not true. Stop with the self-pity party and get a fucking life!

Take Katie Bouman for instance. The girl worked for 3 years straight in order to produce that image. Three full years of hard work. Three full years of sleepless nights, days spent on the keyboard and a lot of meals eaten on the work desk. The dedication, the passion and the commitment paid off and the world get to see something incredible as the result of that.

Do you think that Katie Bouman doesn’t have student loans? I honestly don’t know if that’s the case, but given the state of the college debt in America, I can only presume. But does she complain? No. Does she whines, cries and begs on YouTube? Heck no. Katie gave a Ted talk about how to take a picture of a black hole, 2 years before she actually took a picture of a black hole.

So, my advice is…. In the world full of Jessy Taylor’s, be a Katie Bouman. Things will get more difficult on the way to success, but don’t worry. Getting to the finish line will become much more rewarding. Reach your potentials!


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