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Imperator Furiosa Prequel: Why Not Margot Robbie?


Well, you’ve probably heard the news. Charlize Theron won’t be playing Imperator Furiosa in the announced stand alone prequel.

Gerorge Miller just announced that the prequel is finally back on the table, but Theron won’t be reprising her role. Which is a true shame really. And know that ageism is a factor in the decision, since Miller is currently auditioning the 24-year old actress Anya Taylor-Joy for the role.

He even considered de-aging Theron using a CGI at one point, but he probably thought that the easiest way is just to find a younger actress. Something that Scorsese should have attempted last year in the Irishman. But I digress.

Personally I’ve never been that huge of a fan of miss Joy, and can’t say that she possess the stamina, nor the talent to pull of this role. Furiosa is one of the greatest characters ever created and giving it to a sub-standard actress would be an insult to the role itself.

However, I do have a solution for the problem. How about picking Margot Robbie? She’s certainly younger than Theron, but also very talented and charismatic. She’s also known for her versatility, physical stamina and I think she can pull it off beautifully. Besides she’s one of the most in-demand actresses right now.

And much like George Miller is Australian too. If Charlize is out of the picture, why not go for the second best option? I mean they even starred together last year. Bombshell was great, and both of them (Charlize and Margot) won an Oscar nomination.

Think about it George. Why go for someone who’s young but lacks key qualities in other areas? Anya- Taylor-Joy will be fine. She’s got a blockbuster under her belt (New Mutants) and she’s already picked for Edgar Wright’s next movie Last Night in Soho.

No. Margot is the key. She’s got the potential to elevate the movie and bring an unique sense of quality to it. Well, at least that’s my take on it.

What do you think? Tell me all about it.



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