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If You Thought The Wedding Was Expensive… Wait Until You Have A Baby!


At least that’s what everyone around me has been telling me. Look, I’m not that naïve to assume that having a baby would be an easy mess-free effortless thing to do. Babies cost a lot of money I know.  But as I’m planning my wedding, as I’m melting over the site of cute babies on the street (or at the supermarket, or at the pharmacy), and as I stalk my friends Instagram stories filled with their babies and toddlers I get a weird knot in my stomach.

I know that I want one bun in my oven, but probably one thing that scares me the most is the economic strain of having a child. Not even childbirth, not even weight gain… Nope… Money or lack thereof. Martin and I are at the end of very expensive wedding bill, we just bought a new car, and we think of getting a puppy as well.

As much as I want puppies, I wanna skip them and get straight to the babies. The fact that I’ll be 33 this year, doesn’t help much. It’s the first thing I hear from my gynecologist, as I’m apparently – NO SPRING CHICKEN!

I’m not being pressured or anything, but I’m having doubts about the financial side of having a child. The strollers, the nappies, the bottles, the everything in between… Babies are expensive man! Everyone around me keeps getting pregnant or popping babies out of their vaginas, and make it sound so easy. And as I’m writing this baby Sussex arrived, and although the baby will be a prince with a silver spoon in his mouth, it really makes my stomach twist in a nut that I’m probably going to have to wait a while before I get my little prince/or princess.

One of my friends is choosing to become a single mother and I really applaud her decision. Imagine how scary that must be? How big of financial strain it must be? The late night feeding, sleepless nights… She’ll have to do all these things all by herself. She’s my hero to be honest.

I have a fiancée and a future husband but babies are a handful. They cost a lot of money and I don’t think we can afford to have one. So, it’s true. Planning a wedding is expensive, but the real expenses are on the way for me. As much as I’d love a baby right now, I don’t think is realistically possible for us to afford one. But you have no idea how much I’m ready to have a baby! Has anyone else experience this? Is anyone in the same situation?

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