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I may sound like naive Pollyanna but holly crap… sex does sell!


All, right let me be clear. I’m not borderline stupid. Or naïve to the point that I don’t know this already, but holly crap I was a bit surprised on how much the sex actually sells. I’m constantly amazed by that fact ever since November 20th 2017. That’s the date on which I published THE SHAPE OF WATER AND THE MASTURBATING LEAD.

Or to be precise, it was a blog post about one particular scene in Guillermo del Toro’s movie- The Shape of Water. In it I just expressed my admiration about Del Toro’s decision to put a masturbating scene, and not just any masturbating scene. A scene that is not offensive, sleazy, pornographic or in poor taste. Eliza (played by Sally Hawkins) is shown masturbating in a tub filled with hot water, and I just had to express my gratitude for this, for no other reason other than there are so few scenes like this. Tastefully done and with a woman in this act.

Today is March 28th 2018 and this post is still the most read post on my blog. Holly crap!. I’ve had almost 200 published posts since, and almost 600 in total since the inception of Filmsane, but no post ever came close to this one. This is also the most commented post on Filmsane, and my I just repeat… Wow! Holly crap! Like I said.

I’m not surprised that sex sells a lot of stuff. Heck, I’ve worked in journalism for nearly a decade and I know that if I write about the cheesy, and god awful sex scenes in 50 Shades Freed, I’ll probably get more hits. But I didn’t. I chose to write about Anastasia’s wedding dress, which I actually liked to be honest. However it wasn’t my intention to sell anything with that post. I just wanted to say thanks to Del Toro for showing us something so mundane and trivial but, at the same time so frowned upon and taboo.

So… Yeah.. I was quite taken a back at this, and I just had to share it. Have any of you other film bloggers have had similar experience with this? Share if you have. Thanks.


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