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I love it that you’re not Bridezilla Amy Schumer!


Among the terrible news of the Jennifer Anniston/Justin Theroux separation, there were some positive news this week. Like the wedding of Amy Schumer. The talented actress and comedian got married this week to Chris Fischer and she looked beautiful in her Monique Lhuillier ‘Severine Chantilly Lace & Tulle’ gown.

But the snooty news outlet from which I actually read about her nuptials (and so many others to be honest) were quick to point out that she picked the first wedding dress that she tried on, and that happened 4 days before the wedding.

So F***G what? She’s apparently relaxed and confident in her style, body and expectations on how she should look and feel at her big day, and she doesn’t need the snobbish comments from the tabloids to point that out.

The bottom line is that she looked happy, comfortable and radiant at her wedding and that’s all that matters. Not when she chose it, not how she chose it. Because at the end of the day… Does it really matter?

I’m quite happy she wasn’t Bridezilla about it, as many other celebrity/wealthy brides would have been. Now, I’m not a celebrity, nor wealthy but I also picked the first dress I saw too. And it didn’t even cost me a trip to the bridal salon. I saw a photo on some random on line shop (kinda like E-Bay) that was actually advertised on my Facebook feed and I fell in love with it. Took that photo to the designer/seamstress and after a month or so, I got my beautiful wedding dress.

No muss – no Fuss. Who needs the trouble? I’ve seen Say yes to the dress and many TV shows similar to that where, bride upon bride come with a whole entourage of friends, cousins, sisters, mothers and mothers in law and try about 500 dresses before they actually chose THE ONE!.

Look, I get that is the most important day and all that… But investing too much, time, pressure (and money) on choosing a dress that costs was much as a student tuition is insane. So, I’m glad Amy and I went on a different pat. A wedding (and the planning of that event) should be an enjoyable stress free process. And I loved that she didn’t turned into a Bridezilla.

Well done Amy and CONGRATS!


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