Blast from the past

I don’t know about you… but I really want Meg Ryan back


Let me clarify. This post is inspired solely by two things. Her latest red carpet appearance, and a dose of nostalgia for an actress that marked a better part of my childhood. In a fantastic way I might add.

Meg (I’m going to call her Meg from now on) recently attended 2017 Council of Fashion Designers of America (CFDA) Fashion Awards and walked the red carpet dressed in a beautiful ivory, V-neckline Christian Siriano gown. Vogue called her look ’90s Throwback, but her rare appearance in the public, gave me a 90’s throwback.  So i call it jolt of nostalgia.

Image via Christian Siriano

Now, the 55 year old actress has been a notorious for her seclusion and avoidance of the public eye in the recent years. Her ever changing face (possibly due to plastic surgeries) has been subject of debates between the tabloids and the rest of the media. But let me tell you something. Her true fans (like my self) don’t mind any of that. Because that’s not why we fell in love with her.

You see…. Ever since her first most notable film appearance in the mid 80’s (in Top Gun), she’s been absolutely gorgeous just like any other Hollywood actress. Blonde, thin and beautiful, but that’s the catch. She was (and still is) unlike any other actress in Hollywood, despite being talented, tall, blond and beautiful. What do I mean by that?

Well, for one, forget about Julia Roberts being the American sweetheart and the queen of romantic comedies. No, No No. Meg was the undisputed queen of romantic comedies in the late 80’s and the better part of the 90’s. Yes she dipped her toes in other genres (Flesh and Bone, Courage Under Fire, When a Man Loves a Woman), but the romantic comedy was and still is her forte. No, it was not just her comedic timing that made a big impact on her career choices. When it comes to Meg, it was the whole package.

The roles she picked helped big time of course. See she picked roles that suited her image, her body type, her perception with the audience, and that hairdo was on point in almost every film. She was never going to be the fame fatale or the damsel in distress but she always got the guy in the end. Weather is was Billy Crystal, Tom Hanks or Hugh Jackman. And she did it with her natural charm, wit, kookiness and zaniness. She was awkward, she was mischievous and always true to herself. Growing up in the 90’s and religiously watching/ anticipating her movies she was everything I aspired to be, mostly because I too was all that. Awkward (pimple faced), and with a weird sense of humor.

Her last fantastic (and severely underestimated movie) The Women is a precious gem that I highly encourage you to revisit, but last night me and my boyfriend watched (on his insisting and my big surprise) French Kiss. A movie that can only be described as the perfect romantic comedy, and Meg was absolutely outstanding in it. Kevin Kline is just brilliant also, but Meg really made the move what it is. Perfection. It’s really her comedic timing, and charm at a nitro speed.

Since the late 00’s she’s been avoiding appearances in front of the camera, and her role choices has been picky and sparse. Back in 2015 Meg made her directorial debut with Ithaca (in which she and Tom Hanks also starred), but according to the info on her IMDB page she’s headed back to the small screen. Much to the delight of her fans.

She is set to star in the TV series Picture Paris, a TV adaptation based on the 2011 short of the same name, and I can hardly wait. Because I desperately want Meg Ryan back. I need that Meg Ryan comeback ASAP.



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