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Hi, I’m Plain Jane!


It’s me!. Ranting again! Less than a month until my wedding, I’m experiencing heavy dose of trepidation, anxiety, and to tell you the truth, I’m testing my mouth to brain response. In other words, I’m trying to bite my tongue not to say nothing that I’m going to regret later, especially to the people I love but they’re making things hard for me.

Case in point it has to do with my wedding. Every part of my wedding. The music selection, the catering and most recently my look. Since we revealed that Martin and I are getting married, every single person has been asking me about my looks on the big day. The dress, the shoes, the hair and makeup…  The who shebang’s… And I get it… They’re curious. And I’ve been kind enough to show them my choices of dress, shoes, hair and makeup. Oh and accessories too.

But the kindness has not been reciprocated. Have you aver watched Say yes to the dress? And you remember the look of disapproval from the bride’s entourage? The harsh mean comments? Well, I got all and more. But the thing about my family is that they’re so passive aggressive that they don’t tell the mean comments to my face, they do that through my mom or my sister.

My wedding dress

For instance, my aunt really hates my dress and commented how plain I look in it. There was no bling, no nothing she said apparently. And it’s true. My dress lacks lace, bedazzling, pizzazz, but I’m not a bling-y type of a woman. Have we met? I’ve never worn bling in my life. I don’t even wear big flashy bold colors, I hardly wear any prints, and I stay away from any kitschy tight clothing.

I chose class, style and timeless elegance for my wedding style and that style is devoid of any bling. I mean come on. Does everything have to include glitter and rhinestones? No.

I love my plain wedding look, and I wouldn’t trade it for the world. It represents me and my character and if they don’t like it tough!. I mean look at Meghan Merkle’s dress. She wore a plain white dress and looked fabulous. There wasn’t an ounce of bling on her dress (to be fair her tiara had plenty of bling) but her dress was plain and gorgeous. And I loved it!. So, this is a venting post on my part, but also a sign of encouragement to the brides out there who deal with this type of crap. You’re the bride ad you should wear what you love.

I said yes to my plain dress and I loved it! I’m Plain Jane and i love it!


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