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Hey Hollywood! Don’t Make The Thai Cave Rescue Movie!


You’ve probably heard the news. Just days after the courageous rescue of the 12 trapped soccer boys (and their coach) in the Thai cave, Hollywood is going to be making a movie about this whole ordeal. Pure Flix Entertainment, the faith-based production outfit behind the successful God’s Not Dead franchise, is teaming up with Kaos Entertainment to produce the movie and the budget is set on around 50 million dollars (the numbers vary depending on sources).

No cast, screenwriters or directors are yet attached for the untitled movie, and according to The Hollywood Reporter it’s not going to be a Christian faith based film, but an inspirational film of heroism, courage and triumph. And it’s not like we didn’t see a similar movie. The 33, an Antonio Banderas-starring film about the rescue of 33 Chilean miners who spent more than two months underground in 2010, was met with a lukewarm reception on release, didn’t even break even (on the box office) and still holds 47% on Rotten Tomatoes.

But, why is the Thai cave rescue of the soccer boys an even worse of an idea? Well, for one because Hollywood is going to be making the movie.And Hollywood is all about stealing ideras and making money. Oh, and you just know that Hollywood doesn’t like accuracy and facts that much. I have high doubts that the unfolding events of those 18 days in northern Thailand will be depicted accurately and truthfully. By this point, i presume that Brave-heart will look like a documentary. So… there’s that

And since, a faith based production company is behind the movie, i have a feeling that a lot of Christian themes will be forcefully put in for no reason at all. I don’t know if you heard but it was reported that the coach that was trapped with the boys taught them how to meditate and to keep their clear heads, their composure and their mental stamina. Prior working as a football (sorry, i can’t call it soccer any longer) coach, Ekapol Chantawong was a Buddhist monk and taught the young boys very important meditations in order to keep them calm. So Budism was the key here. But, i don’t even think that that particular detail is going to be in the movie to be honest, and if it is going to be depicted…. i think it’s going to be white-washed.

Oh, and speaking of white-washing…. What are the odds that the movie will have 12 ethnic Thai teenagers in the cast? Highly unlikely if you take in consideration that this is a Hollywood production, and Hollywood cares about money above everything else?. No, no no. This whole movie idea is terrible, and i have a feeling that the execution of this idea is going to be even worse. The 33 was a watered-down version of an inspiring and heroic story like and it will be the same with the rescue of the trapped Thai boys and their coach.

So, don’t do it Hollywood. Don’t cheapen this inspirational story with cheap looking and uninspiring movie. Leave it be.


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