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Here’s To A Better Year


Happy New Year folks. I hope you have a fabulous New Year. I Hope you have a great time on New Year ’s Eve and hope to find you all well in the 2019.

In 2018’s I’ve been blessed with the fortune of having the most wonderful man I could find, I’ve been lucky to watch all the movies I wanted to watch, and write the things I wanted to write here on Filmsane.

Since I don’t believe in making New Year’s resolutions, I hope to work on my anxieties more, to put my temper under control, to cry and worry less (especially about trivial stuff) and to work more on myself.

This includes spending more time at the gym with Martin, sleeping more and eating healthily. And on the subject of movies… If you were wondering… Probably the best movie I watched in 2018 was Alex Garland’s Annihilation. It was just amazing, and both scared me and thrilled me at the same time. Of the movies that I’m highly anticipating to see in 2019 include Avengers Endgame, Star Wars Episode IX and Once Upon A Time In Hollywood, but Hellboy, Shazam and Joker are on the list too.

I hope to grow Filmsane even more in the next year, and I hope to grow as a person next year. Hope to have a bit more health, happiness, friends, success and money. Hope to have a great wedding, hope to have a life together with my Martin hope to become a better person to him. Hope to watch plenty of great movies and hopefully introduce some of our loved movies to our future (and highly planed) children.

Here’s to a better year. To all of you.


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