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Have Faith in The World War Z Sequel


Have faith in the World War Z sequel and in David Fincher too. I have it….

Well in the World War Z sequel, David Fincher and Brad Pitt too. Can’t forget about him.

You’ve probably heard the news. The World War Z sequel is being prepped and according to Production Weekly, the film will start shooting in March under the working title of “Maximillian”. It was also reported that the movie would the shoot in Thailand, Spain, and Atlanta, Georgia.

Can you believe it? Directed by David Fincher, the World War Z sequel will also have Brad Pitt in the lead role (just like in the 2013 movie) and it will be the 4th collaboration between Fincher and Brad Pitt.

But why should you have faith in the World War Z sequel? Well, for one because Fincher is directing it. He’s a notoriously picky director and wouldn’t even dare to accept a project that isn’t challenging or creative enough.

I mean, he’s willing to wait years and years for a good film prospect to come along and that’s one of the things I love about David Fincher. He’s an auteur that needs to be challenged by a movie.

Secondly this will be Fincher’s 4th movie with Brad Pitt and that bromance lasts for more than 2 decades now. They’ve been colleges and friends since 1995’s Se7en and they’re obviously comfortable with each other. They have faith in one another and it clearly shows in their movies. I don’t see any reason why this time will be any different.

Thirdly, besides being one of the pickiest directors, David Fincher is also one of the most diverse. Starting from his feature film debut Alien 3, he’s done SF horror/action, thrillers, dramas, biopics, psychological crime thrillers, fantasy dramas and mysteries. He’s done it all.

And apocalyptic action horror film like World War Z is a logical continuation of his curiosity.

And lastly, it’s been more than 5 years since the World War Z premiered, and despite the long period between the first movie and the sequel, I think the time passed will actually be beneficial for the World War Z sequel. I mean… yeah the World War Z sequel went through hell in these past few years, but I’m glad that this production date could mean that there’s light at the end of the tunnel.



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