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Get A Grip 20th Century Fox And Please Don’t Fuck Up Dark Phoenix!


Just when you thought that there is some hope for the Dark Phoenix, 20th Century Fox shits it down.

You’ve probably heard the news. 20th Century Fox ?as pushed the release of Dark Phoenix for another 6 months, setting it this time on a June 7th 2019 premiere. For a movie that was supposed to come out this summer and is being postponed for another god damn year, is a bit much even for Hollywood standards.

Previously set to also be released on June 7, Gambit has been moved into the next year and will now debut on March 13, 2020, and Alita: Battle Angel, which was to be released on December 21, 2018, is now moved to February 14, 2019, replacing Dark Phoenix.

But let’s focus on Dark Phoenix for a moment. The movie was originally pushed back from its original release because there was not enough time to do the reshoots and the post- production. And yes… Officially, Dark Phoenix is the seventh film in Fox’s X-Men franchise, which started in 2000 and yes…. Dark Phoenix is set to be the last X-Men movie to be released, following the Disney’s purchase of the franchise.

However, does it has to end on a sour note? The official trailer was released days before the postponing of the premiere, and it was surprisingly well received on Youtube. It had more than 10 million views, and even 44 million in China which I guess caught even the studio by surprise. But it shouldn’t have. The X-Men movie franchise has existed for the past 18 years. Starring from Bryan Singer’s X-Men and up until, now generations upon generations have grown and empathized with the mutants. The fans have related to the social outcasts and has grown to love them despite the movie, timeframe and the actors that played them.

So you can imagine the fan’s disappointment and bitterness when they found out that they’ll have to wait for the Dark Phoenix for almost an entire year. Look… I get that this is Simon Kinberg’s directorial debut and he’s new behind the camera but come on! There has to be a better way to do this movie and not piss of every fan on this planet.

And while 20th Century Fox thinks that is being cautious at delivering a product that is supposed to be a farewell to a whole franchise, this… this postponing and delaying actually has an opposite effect. The fans will get so frustrated and bored, that they’ll just might give up not give a damn about the movie by the time its released. Why should they? All they’ve heard up to that point was about re-shoots and the issues that the movie was plagued with. No star power will lure them to the movie theaters after this. Sometimes bad publicity is not good publicity.

And looking at the calendar from now, the competition that Dark Phoenix will face is not that stiff, I’ll give them that. But there is plenty of time to June 7th 2019. And besides, June is the starting of the summer blockbuster season month, so watch out 20th Century Fox….. You just don’t know when you’ll be crushed and burned by the competition. It doesn’t have to be Michael Bay’s latest extravaganza. Some sleeper hit that shows up from nowhere will do a major damage to an already damaged movie.

So snap out of it 20th Century Fox. Get a grip and for the love of God, don’t fuck up this movie. The X-men deserve better!


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