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Fyre And Fyre Fraud Are Both Worth Checking Out


Well, you’ve probably heard about the disaster that was Fyre festival, just a couple of years ago. Marketed as a music festival ala Coachella but on a remote exotic island once owned by Pablo Escobar, Fyre Festival turned out to be a colossal disaster. Several class actions suits followed, and the CEO and founder of Fyre festival, Billy McFarland is currently serving a 6 year prison sentence for fraud.

But 2 separate documentaries about Fyre festival were released this month by two different streaming services, and they’re both quite good to be honest. It was hard for me to pick, so i’d suggest them both. Fyre  Fyre: The Greatest Party That Never Happened) by Netflix and Fyre Fraud by Hulu were released just days one after the other, and both got polarizing responses from the audience.  They’re both great, and very informative and they are both certified fresh on Rotten Tomatoes. Fyre holds 92% on RT, while Fyre Fraud holds 73 %.

The biggest difference about those two documentaries that is worth mentioning is that Fyre Fraud has Billy McFarland as one of the interviewed people, while Fyre doesn’t. The Netflix movie relies more on the employees of Fyre media and Bahamian employees who tried to get the festival going in those hectic days. And while Billy is a stand out in the Fyre Fraud documentary, Andy King’s emotional testimonials about the month by month/day by day unfolding of the doomed festival is the real winner in Fyre. He’s honest, sometimes brutal and you can see that he was truly invested in his job.

McFarland maybe was paid to speak in the Fyre Fraud documentary, but I don’t think that one single person got a dime for being in the Fyre documentary. Fyre Fraud is clearly more expensive form a production stand point, but Fyre is more engaging, informative and fun.

It’s up to you to decide which one to watch, but if you want the whole picture, watch them both. They’re both good and bats hit crazy.


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