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FYI…The Wasp’s suit is sexy and practical


Evangeline Lilly is back! Back in the role of Hope van Dyne that is, but this time in the much anticipated Ant Man sequel, called Ant Man And The Wasp, she gets to wear the suit of the Wasp.

You know… The suit that we all saw briefly near the end of the first Marvel movie, and from the first trailer and first promotional photos, it looks like one hell of a suit. And that’s all thanks to Lilly.

OK, yeah the production team behind the movie had a lot to do with it, but Lilly helped to achieve that sexy yet practical look. We all heard tales of horror film stories where the actress’s suits had to be sawed in to the actresses’ bodies or they were too uncomfortable to wear so they had to take them off in between shoots.

But the suit in Ant Man And The Wasp is a bit different story, and Evangeline Lilly is here to confirm it. Yup, the Canadian actress recently said in an interview for Yahoo Entertainment that she worked with the costume design team extensively to make the balance between comfort and style.

I was nervous about the suit because of two reasons. One, they’re obviously restrictive and uncomfortable. But two… Living up to the comic book images of female superhero characters, who all are even more outstanding-looking than Barbie, even more impossible to mimic than Barbie, they have, like, 12-inch waists and 45-inch busts and legs as long as me from head to toe. It was a nerve-wracking thing to consider. Sure, when it’s a digital version of me, they can make her look however they want. But I actually have to stand in front of a camera in that suit and somehow live up to all of the girls’ and boys’ fantasies about what Wasp should look like, said Lilly.

And I kind of agree with her. The female comic book characters have a very specific look, and more often than not go through a tough criticism and even scrutiny about the look and hot wit’s portrayed on film. You don’t even have to go that far. Just look back at Gal Gadot and how she was heavily criticized, mostly by the male part of the DC fandom. She’s too skinny. She’s too bony to play Diana Prince. She doesn’t have enough muscle on her body to play an Amazon warrior. She’s too this or too that…

Well, she proved them wrong. She was the best part in Batman V superman and she kicked ass in Wonder Woman. As Lilly pointed out in the interview, the early versions of the suit didn’t agreed with her anatomy in her but, neck and arms area, and then the problem of her bust was brought to her attention.

We always had the question of, how large or small [do we] make the bust? Because typically comic book characters have unusually large chests. And I do not have an unusually large chest. So I really wanted to represent a more authentic version of me and not have the suit suddenly morph me into a fantasy that I am not. But you still want the right shapes, you want the right curves, you want that slightly curvaceous appeal. So finding that balance was tricky, said the actress.

I actually can’t wait to see this movie. For several reasons actually. I’m a huge fan of Paul Rudd, enjoyed the first Ant Man movie, Michelle Pfeiffer plays Janet van Dyne and Walton Goggins is in it too. That being said, I also can’t wait for Captain Marvel to be released too. That’s another Marvel movie that has a female super-hero in the lead and an actress that has to squeeze her body in that latex suit. But for now… Hey… Bring me the Wasp.


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