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Frankly… Matt Damon needs any role!


Well. You’ve probably heard the news. Matt Damon turned down the role of an unknown villain in the upcoming Spiderman-Homecoming 2. The Academy Award winner is not following the footsteps of Michael Keaton in the rebooted franchise movie. Keaton was brilliant in the lead villain role, and although it think Damon will be equally brilliant I think that he needs any role period.

First things first… His comments about the MeToo movement and his defense of his accused friends since the beginning of this movement brought him more bad publicity than his PR team can handle, and it reflected poorly on his movies last year. Downsizing and Suburbicon didn’t even manage to break even at the box office and the latter… well was not the best movie of the year… let’s just leave it at that.

But personally, I think that Matt would have been great in the villain role (whichever it may turn out to be). He’s had some devilish and borderline villain-y roles in his time, and I am convinced that he can deliver one solid sparring match with Tom Holland’s Peter Parker. And as I’m writing this I’m reminded of Mr. Man.

Tiny but oh so important and memorable role that Matt played in Christopher Nolan’s Interstellar a few years back. His on screen appearance was brief but fantastic, and frankly because of those 20 minutes or so (in Interstellar) I’m actually certain that Matt can do this role some justice.

And unlike his buddy Ben Affleck, he has never done super-hero movie before. Sure his cameo appearance in last year’s Thor Ragnarok was hilarious, but that’s about it from Matt in the Marvel franchise blockbuster movies department.

But like I said. He needs any role. Besides the cameo appearance in Thor Ragnarok, he’s had a small cameo in Steven Soderbergh, Unsane and is yet to appear in another cameo in the upcoming Ocean’s 8 all female reboot. Those are 3 cameo roles in just 2 years and there are no major (dare I say it) lead roles on the horizon. Seriously. None.

If you take a brief look at his IMDB page you’ll notice that there are no other movies in development. Sure. He could be on hiatus, after the comments I just mentioned, but maybe he’s taking this time to reflect and make better film choices. Cause we all know… He desperately needs that.

But at the same time I think that the role in Spiderman-Homecoming 2 was one of those good choices.

Oh well. He can always write some good script and make Ben direct it. Am i right?


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