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For The Love Of God! Don’t Remake Back To The Future !


You’ve probably heard the news. The Hollywood Reporter surveyed 2201 people, asking them what films they would like to see remade. And 71% of them stated that the one movie that they’d love to see remade is Back To The Future.

Yes, Back To The Future beat ‘Toy Story’ (69%), ‘Indiana Jones’ (68%) and ‘Jurassic Park’ (67%), and I don’t like that notion one bit to be honest. But before I dive into WHY this movie shouldn’t be remade or rebooted, let me state that I’m comforted by the notion that the studio can’t allow (green lit) it without Robert Zemekis’s and Bob Gale’s permit.

You’ve read that right. They own the rights to the movie and they won’t give them up that easily. The studio can’t touch Back To The Future until they’re both dead and probably even after their death… You know, the estates of the two men won’t allow it even after they’re both six feet under. Phewww… That reassured me a bit, but let me briefly explain why it’s such a bad idea even if the two screenwriters by any chance allow the remake.

Well for one Hollywood has not been so good to the remakes/reboot lately. For every Ocean’s Eleven there’s a ton of bad remakes that just diminishes the original movie’s legacy. The odds are against remakes and frankly I don’t see how Back To The Future will be an exemption. Secondly… Why would you mess with perfection? Back to the Future is probably one of the most perfect movies, just the way it is, and it wouldn’t be possible to add something to make it better? Why? Because it’s not possible. You couldn’t make it better, because there’s nothing to improve.

If you ask me, that whole trilogy is probably one of the best trilogies in movie history. There! I’ve said it. Forget about Lord Of The Rings, forget Star Wars and definitely forget the Matrix trilogy. To be perfectly honest, I have a soft spot for the Back to the Future 2, and I fully consider it to be the best one in the entire trilogy. I know that some of you would disagree, but the second part of the trilogy is a freaking master piece.

Oh and third…. The big trend right now is having an all-female remake of some beloved movie. Ocean’s 11, The Ghostbusters and most recently Pirates Of The Caribbean’ s hero Jack Sparrow will be played by a female actress in the upcoming movie reboot. Don’t let this happen to Marty McFly too. As a female and as a feminist, I think it would be a really bad idea. This all-female reboot craze will backfire spectacularly and no-one trust me no-one will show up to see this movie.

So, Hollywood. I know that the remakes and reboot are the easiest cash flow source and know that you’re a money grabbing whore of an industry, but don’t fuck with something perfect and sacred.


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