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Fincher is a recluse and I love that (too bad if you don’t)


All right. I may write about celebrities, spoiled actors and posh, stuck up out of touch actresses that need a good spank on the bum.

Yes, they are everywhere. You can’t miss them actually even if you tried. They are in movies, TV shows, in magazines and on social media. I can’t fault hem for doing that last bit actually. The social media. I myself am present on many social media platforms and since I’m millennial I’m expected to be I guess.

But for now let me talk about a man that is not present everywhere, and especially not on social media. Oh and it’s one the many many reasons why I love him. David Fincher.

First, let me start by saying that although Fincher is a public person, he’s’ not a celebrity. He’s not a Kardashian and won’t find him flaunting every mindless, vapid, insipid thing he does throughout the day. Not that he has mindless thoughts actually but you get my point. However, he is a recluse, a man that cherishes his own private life and doesn’t need to explain it to anyone. Especially his fans. Now, I am very aware that some directors (his peers and colleagues) are very present on social media (James Gunn, Michael Moore, Kevin Smith, Mark Romanek just to name a few) and that’s fine. It’s their choice.

But speaking of Romanek…. Recently I’ve stumbled upon an Istagram post addressed to David Fincher (from a fan named Phillip McNroe). Let me be clear. It was written to Mark Romaneks but addressed to David Fincher and it said:

Can you talk David Fincher into using social media and interacting with his fans please?

I tried. #davidfincher

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Mark Romanek forwarded the message to Fincher, and he replied with a simple yet effective:

Dear Phillip, NO.

And I looove that. Way to go Mr. Fincher. Look. Whatever the reason for his reluctance to join social media is… A. you have to respect it and B. you can’t expect his convictions and determinations to change just because you want them to.

Fincher is one of the talented meticulous and brilliant directors working right now, an auteur if you will, and I’m glad he’s not spelling out every random thought on Instagram. I’m also not interested to know his creative process, cause let’s face it. It’s bound to be found somewhere between his bowl of mac and cheese and his storyboarding if it were to be put on Facebook, or Twitter.

Right there in the middle is Paul Thomas Anderson. For instance he has a blog called Cigarettes and Red Vines where he posts news and updates on his projects, but I’m not mad at Fincher for staying off the grid.

He’s a very sheltered, very guarded, very private and very introverted man that doesn’t want the daily hassle of the chit chat with the public while he’s prepping his movies. Hell he’s even careful with the official interviews, press junkets and Q&A’s when he does need to promote his projects. So, why would Phillip, Joe or Mary convince him otherwise?

My advice to them, would be…. Get used to it and grow to love it.


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