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Excited For My First Pride Parade


It’s finally here!. The first ever Pride Parade is about to happen this Friday in the town that I live. And i’m going to be attending it. It’s a huge step in the right direction after more than a decade of government supported banning of the LGBT activities, and i can’t hardly wait.

Now that we have a liberally oriented government, the Pride parade is just around the corner, and I couldn’t be happier about that actually. Why? Because, although we have a more liberal and progressive government now, the public perception of the LGBT community has not changed all that much. Especially in the much older and conservative communities. I should also mention that my country is country that has Orthodox Christianity as a main religion, and that particular religion is not inclined in accepting the LGBT community.

But the youth and some of the more progressive elders are well aware that the homosexuality is not a sin, much less a disease but there are some idiots that think that it is. Which is why I’m going to the Pride parade. To show my support to the LGBT community and to tell them that it’s OK. Love is love and it doesn’t matter if it’s between a boy and a girl or between two boys.

My previous knowledge about Pride parades has been limited I must admit. I’ve never partici[ated in one (in a different city) and all the festivities that I’ve seen happening at such parade have been through the movies and TV show’s that I’ve seen.

I wanna wave the flag, and show my support to every single LGBT person that I could find, and I was thinking of offering some rainbow jell-o-shots but I don’t think that I will be allowed to do that. Hugs maybe but not rainbow shots.

Nonetheless, I’m very excited. I think that the support from the straight people like myself is extremely important. This is a marathon not a sprint. The convictions and prejudices of the people cannot be changed in a day or two. But if the people see that the LGBT community is harmless and wonderful as I know them to be, good things can come out of it.

Bring it on Skopje!


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