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Ennio Morricone Is Grumpy Old Man, But He’s Not Wrong About Tarantino


Ennio Morricone is apparently not a man that can just bite his lounge. Yeah, you’ve probably heard his comments on Quentin Tarantino and his movies.

The famed Italian composer (who just turned 90 this month) revealed in a recent interview for Variety, that not only he didn’t enjoyed working with Tarantino, but also called his movies „trash“.

“He talks without thinking, he does everything at the last minute. He has no idea…he calls up out of the blue and wants a complete score in just a few days. That’s not possible. It makes me so mad.” Said Marricone.

He also went on to describe Tarantino as “a cretin” and alleged that the director “only steals from others and puts stuff back together again…

There’s nothing original about that. That doesn’t make him a director.” Added the Italian.

Now, Marricone has collaborated with Tarantino on The Hateful Eight, and that movie has won him his first Oscar for best film score, but it’s safe to say that it will be their last movie together.

And some might say that he’s a grumpy  old man that is biting the hand that feeds him, but I would have to disagree. Yes, those were some harsh words that he said about Tarantino, and he’s probably a cretin, but there is something to be said about Tarantino’s work and work ethic.

If he’s too demanding and incoherent to the point that he creates a toxic working environment, we’ll he should be reprimanded about it, but he’s not wrong about the stealing part.
Tarantino is not an original screenwriter or director and he’s publicly admitted that in many occasions before. He knows it, and we all know it. He’s a director who never went to film school, and his teachings were the movies he grew up watching.

So, yeah. He steals from others and put stuff together again, but he’s done that for more than 2 decades now. How is this a surprise revelation to Ennio? Oh, and to add more salt to the wound, Tarantino won 2 Academy Awards by doing that.

And if a take a moment to reflect on the complaints directed to Tarantino, Ennio Morricone is not the first person to be open about the terrible working environment that Quentin creates on the sets of his movies. Uma Thurman complained earlier this year, and I remember watching an old interview in which Christoph Waltz in which he mentioned that Tarantino hits his costars with a big purple dildo. Yeah! If the stars on his set are naughty and I don’t know bring a phone to the set he beats them with a dildo. A dildo! Let that sink it for a moment.

So, in conclusion. Is Ennio Marrione correct to call Tarantino a cretin? No, but he’s an asshole and a thief that just basically steals and copies other people’s stuff. For god sakes, even the title of his latest movie (Once Upon A Time In Hollywood) is taken from Sergio Leone’s Once Upon A Time In America.

You can find thousands upon thousands of Youtube videos in which there is a detailed description and analysis of Quentin’s movies and the sources from which he stole from. But, you can’t deny that his movies are fun to watch (well most of them anyway) and as for Morricone? Well, don’t expect to hear any of his score in any of Tarantino’s films.

That’s a wrap!


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