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Don’t Look Back Kevin Smith!


Jay And Silent Bob reboot is happening people!.

That’s right. Kevin Smith confirmed that pre-production of the Jay And Silent Bob has already begun, and he’ll be a very busy man in the upcoming months. He previously announced the reboot in 2017, when he first started writing the script, but it’s known that not only he’ll be reprising the role of Silent Bob, (you’ve guessed it) he’ll also direct the reboot too.

As you may know, Kevin Smith introduced the Jay And Silent Bob characters for the first time in 1994’s movie Clerks and followed with the appearance in Mallrats, Chasing Amy, Dogma, Jay and Silent Bob Strike Back, and Clerks 2. But why is the reboot such a bad idea?

Well, by all means… Let me explain why…

Because it’s pointless recycling of the same old characters, same old premise, and the same old ideas. In the era in which reboots and remakes are thriving and the lack of genuine original movies is terrifying, the scarcity of fresh ideas in Kevin Smith’s brain is nothing new. I get it… Reboots are easy money, and he’s looking to cash in. But if you take one scroll on Kevin Smith’s Wikipedia page you’ll see that his creative demise is not all that sudden.

Frankly, Kevin Smith hasn’t graced us with a decent original product in a while, and you can understand my skepticism about this reboot. The last Kevin Smith movie I actually enjoyed watching was Jersey Girl back in 2004, and although it was originally met with poor reviews, I still to this day consider it to be one of his finest pieces of movie art.

Everything from Cop Out to Clerks II basically sucked, and that’s a way too long period to bomb critically and commercially. 13 years too long to be exact. But, why go back to the same characters and premise, and basically the same movie?

For someone who was well respected and loved for delivering fresh, smart and funny movies, going back to the old movies seems like a step back, don’t you think? I still to this day remember part of the Chasing Amy script and still to this day use Mallrats jokes. Frankly, the Silent Bob monologue to Ben Affleck’s character in Chasing Amy is still to this day one of the best pieces of writing ever put on paper, but those days of clarity, originality, and humor with a lot of wit and candor are gone for Kevin Smith I’m afraid.

He’s looking back. He’s turning back to the past. He’s becoming complacent and lazy and I’m not having it. Why would you offer something stale and reheated to your fans, when you can offer something fresh and tasty? I’m not that excited about the Jay And Silent Bob reboot, to be honest, and I know that plenty of you share my views too. It’s such a step back from the guy who was so radical and forward thinking just 15 years prior.

Do better Kevin Smith, and don’t look back!



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