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Gif mood

Why Is Everyone Surprised By Joaquin Phoenix?

You’ve probably heard the news. Joaquin Phoenix nailed the role of Joker in the Todd ...
September 5, 2019
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Don’t Quit Your Day Job People!

You’ve probably heard about this ongoing trend. Celebrities opening their own YouTube channels and creating ...
August 29, 2019
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Gerard Butler: A Very Weird Action Hero

A Gerard Butler movie is an acquired taste. He’s not the first and obvious choice ...
August 26, 2019
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Welcome To Wedding Pressure 101

Exactly one month from now, I’ll be a married woman. And I’m really looking forward ...
August 4, 2019
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Let’s Face It…. August Is The Worst Of The Dump ...

All, right now. It’s been universally accepted that January is a bad bad bad month ...
August 2, 2019
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Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood: The Ending Was Wacky But ...

Ok… Let’s talk about Once Upon a Time…in Hollywood. The latest Quentin Tarantino movie. Saw ...
July 30, 2019
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Pennywise Is The Perfect Wedding Guest

The final trailer for the upcoming It- Chapter Two is the main culprit for this ...
July 19, 2019
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Relax! Nobody’s Replacing James Bond

Relax dudes! Nobody is replacing James Bond. There will not be a female James Bond ...
July 16, 2019
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I’m Not Buying The Retirement Plan Quentin!

Every time a Hollywood celebrity starts talking about retirement my ass starts to twitch. Seriously. ...
July 3, 2019
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Do You Still Listen To Michael Jackson’s Songs?

A fair question I must ask, on the 10th anniversary of his death. I’ve been ...
June 26, 2019
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The Matrix Is Perfect As It Is! Stay The Fuck ...

Some movies a timeless. Perfect just the way they are. Casablanca is in that bracket, ...
June 23, 2019
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For The Record… The Bad Sequels/Reboots Are Flopping This Summer

It’s basic science actually. Good movies are always going to find an audience and eventually ...
June 19, 2019