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Film review is my specialty, and have been doing it ever since i graduated college. Here you can find my honest reviews on the latest movie releases coming from Hollywood and beyond.

Film Review

The Girl in the Spider’s Web Film Review

Well, it’s finally here. Seven years after David Fincher’s Girl With The Dragon Tattoo, the ...
November 21, 2018
Film Review

Bohemian Rhapsody Film Review

Bohemian Rhapsody had a rocky road to the silver screen. And I do mean rocky. ...
November 4, 2018
Film Review

The Predator Film Review

Shane Black has been part of the Predator franchise for more than 3 decades. First ...
September 25, 2018
Film Review

Mission Impossible Fallout Film Review

Tom Cruise has made the character of Ethan Hunt his bitch in these past 22 ...
August 2, 2018
Film Review

Skyscraper Film Review

Dwayne Johnson has become the go-to action star of our time. What used to be ...
July 23, 2018
Film Review

Ant Man And The Wasp Film Review

Ant Man And The Wasp is the last movie from the MCU for 2018. We’ll ...
July 16, 2018
Film Review

Ocean’s 8 Film Review

Seventeen years after the release of the first film in Steven Soderbergh’s Ocean’s trilogy, Ocean’s 8 ...
June 26, 2018
Film Review

Solo A Star Wars Movie Film Review

After all that Solo A Star Wars Movie went through these few years, I’m surprised ...
June 9, 2018
Film Review

Deadpool 2 Film Review

Let me tell you something. Those post credit scenes in Deadpool 2 are probably 2 ...
May 26, 2018
Film Review

Avengers Infinity War Film Review

Ever since 2012’s Avengers (the amazing Joss Whedon directed master piece), the team has just ...
May 5, 2018
Film Review

Rampage Film Review

There is a certain expectation when going to a The Rock movie. Among other things, ...
April 18, 2018
Film Review

Ready Player One Film Review

Well he’s Back. Steven Spielberg I mean. With another movie and with another adventure. Ready ...
April 8, 2018