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Can I Actually Do That?


I have to be honest. Most of my quarantine filled, anxiety-inducing, and lock-down confined days are filled with the same mundane things. Watching movies, TV shows, playing video games, cooking, watching a lot of YouTube and hanging out with my husband.

I’m not complaining though. It’s been fun for the most part. Well, except the worrying and fussing about the pandemic outside. But I must say that I didn’t lack any entertainment. If anything I’m overtly stimulated these days, and all I can say is thank god for my Netflix Subscription.

And thank god for YouTube, but that’s a whole another story (and a topic for this post to be honest). I found some great recopies on YouTube in the past few months, found tutorials on SEO that I needed catching up, found great documentaries on YouTube and so much more cool stuff. Movie reviews, stand up and fantastic music. I personally enjoy Adam Ragusea’s channel, Be Kind Rewind, (i’ve written about these two here at Filmsane) The History Buffs channel, and Johnny Harris’s channel. He’s awesome.

Like I said. YouTube has been really kind to me in these past few months. But the vast variety of content found of YouTube really triggered something in me. It prompted an idea that I can do that as well. Not vlogging per se, but creating great edited content on YouTube.

I could be doing this very thing but at a different outlet. I thought about having a movie/video game themed channel in which I would review and discuss movies. New and old movies. Movies that we all love. And I would discuss themes, characters and even particular scenes in some of those movies.

Can I do that? I’ve never even considered it until now. Look, I know that it involves a lot of prep, research and actually creating that content, but that’s half of the job that I’m doing right now. I do those same things, but instead of publishing them on the YouTube channel, I do that over here on my blog.

I’m also very well aware that I need editing experience (which I do not have) but my husband does. I feel that together we can make fantastic content. I would write and voice the videos, and he would edit and then publish them.

I don’t want to diminish the hard word of the YouTube content creators, but how hard could it be? In an age when so many of us (willingly or not) are stuck in front of their computers, YouTube has become our teacher, our source of information and our form of entertainment. So why not explore that option?

I’m not even after the money that Google AdSense has to offer. I’m really not. That’s not my motivation for doing this. All I want is another outlet in which I can explore my creativity and my passion for movies/video games. So, I could really use your help. Any advice is much appreciated on this. Could I really do this well? What should I know upfront? What tools do I need to start a YouTube channel? What’s the best advice that you YouTubers have for me?

Tell me all about it in the comment section. Thank You.


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