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Can Cruise pull a Travolta?


You’ve probably heard the news. As reported by Deadline, The two time Academy award winner Quentin Tarantino is in the process of lead actors acquisition, and apparently Tom Cruise is among the favorites.

Apparently Tanantino already flirted with Brad Pitt, Jennifer Lawrence, Margot Robbie, Samuel L. Jackson and Leonardo DiCaprio for his upcoming 1969-set drama, but Cruise is the latest A list star on his radar.

And I’m OK with that quite frankly. I’d much prefer to see Leo  in a Tarantino movie once more, and maybe Brad Pitt, but I’m cool with Tom as well. Why? Well mostly because most people and the movie going audience are forgetting that Cruise is actually one fine actor. Yes… Put aside the fact that he’s doing his own death defying stunts and put aside his religious affinity (I’m talking about Scientology) and underneath all that you’ll find one talented actor.

Think about it…. For the three times Tom has been nominated for an Oscar, there has been great roles and great directors behind each and every nomination. Oliver Stone for Born on 4th of July, Cameron Crowe for Jerry Maguire and Paul Thomas Anderson for Magnolia. I believe Quentin can deliver the 4th nomination for the upcoming movie if he chose to bring Tom in the cast. Maybe it will be a Travolta-like come-back cause God knows Tom needs one. His last 3 films flopped spectacularly on the box office (and with the critics) and among the 3 movies Tom has for the next couple of years, 2 of them are sequels to his older movies. Tom Gun and M-I6.

Not very adventurous at all, don’t you think? So I think Quentin’s period piece drama will be perfect for Tom. It could revive his career like it did with Travolta in 1994’s Pulp Fiction.

Yes, I know that Cruise is in his mid-50’s but he honestly looks great for a middle-aged man and he’s been known to be quite versatile when it comes to picking a director for his projects. I mean Tom has collaborated with legends like Franco Zeffirelli, Francis Ford Coppola, Ridley and Tony Scott, Martin Scorsese, Brian De Palma, Rob Rainer, Michael Mann, Stanley Kubrick, Ron Howard, Barry Levinson, Robert Redford and some unlikely names (for Cruise’s reputation) like Ben Stiller, Joseph Kosinski, James Mangold and Paul Thomas Anderson.

Besides a period piece movie will also benefit him. Unlike Quentin Tarantino, Tom hasn’t done a period piece since Valkyrie, a WW2 movie which came out in 2008. Almost a decade ago. I truly hope Quentin gets Tom for one of the leads in his movie. I also hope that he collaborates with someone talented and charismatic as Tom, but I hope this movie brings him back the acclaim and regard of his fans and peers that he soooo deserves.

I hope Tom pulls a Travolta.



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