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Be Kind Rewind Is Every Film Geek’s (Not So Guilty) Pleasure


Be Kind Rewind. You may have heard about this channel, but don’t sweat if you don’t. That’s why I’m here. All right. I’m obsessed with the Be Kind Rewind channel.

Not only it’s hosted, edited, created and narrated by a lady, but it’s also a Youtube channel made for the ladies of Hollywood. Created by Isabel Custodio, a self-professed movie fan (like myself) Be Kind Rewind is a reminder of all the dirty little secrets behind the biggest upsets, triumphs and loses of the Hollywood actresses, and more often than not, they’re about their Oscar glory (or lack thereof).

From the point of writing this post, there are 19 videos published on the Be Kind Rewind Youtube channel and they all range from the 10-minute mark up to the 18 minutes in length. They’re nicely put together, with great editing, clips from the actual movies, premieres or even awards shows and offer an insightful, well researched and incredibly well-spoken topics. Are you interested to know how Barbra Streisand and Katharine Hepburn tied for the Best actress in a leading role Oscar? Or are you perhaps interested to know more about Jane Fonda, Elizabeth Taylor or Greer Garson? Then this is the channel for you.

Isabel Custodio’s work on the Be Kind Rewind channel has been a not so guilty pleasure for a film history geek like me, and I often find myself going back to her channel if I don’t really have anything else to watch on Youtube. I mean… how many Bon Appetite recipes can you watch before you become tired of food?

So, if you’re looking for a great Youtube channel to explore, and if you’re interested in the best parts of Hollywood…. Please. By all means, check out the Be Kind Rewind channel. You’ll thank me later.



  1. tee 6 July, 2020 at 23:52 Reply

    This is hands down the best channel on you tube. Her research is impeccable, her POV is always brilliant. She puts too many people to shame

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