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Are You Watching Crap During Lock-down? Good, Me Too!


Hold on. Let me explain. Lock-downs are a pretty regular occurrence where I live. The cases of infected people keep rising, I’m afraid, and mandatory lock-downs are still necessary. You know to stop the spread of the Coronavirus.

Which got me thinking. What have I been doing in lock-down these past few months? Well, certainly not what I envisioned at the start of the pandemic. Let me be frank in this post as well. I have been watching nothing but stupid movies during my lock-down that I’m kinda ashamed of even saying it out loud. Let alone admitting it here on my blog. In writing.

And when I say that it’s not what I envisioned at the start of this shitty period, believe me. I thought that by working from home, and being at home (by government-imposed decree) I would devour movie after movie after movie. And not just any movies. Great movies! Old classics, acclaimed foreign movies and indie darlings that I’ve been meaning to watch for so long. I mean now is the time right?

I have all this free time at my disposal, and I really thought that I would come out of this pandemic richer and more fulfilled. You know having watched a ton of Ingmar Bergman movies or Pedro Almodovar movies or… some other foreign director movies. That is hardly the case.

I don’t know if it’s the stress caused by this pandemic or the point of every day being the same I really have been slacking on my movie choices. I watched movies like Joe Dirt, and The Jesus Rolls and Bloodshot. And frankly, I can’t even remember any of them. That’s’ the thing. I can’t even remember the movies I watched in order to write about them. Whether they were stupid enough to be unremarkable and forgettable, or my brain was blocking them out and whipping out of my memory.

I am really frustrated with my poor movie selection, and with the fact that I lack the motivation to watch good movies. Here’s a typical dialogue that I have with my husband almost every evening.

Me: Hey, let’s watch something good.
Him: Sure. What do you wanna watch?
Me: I don’t know. Ok, I’m gonna do a Google search and come up with a list. And then we can pick and choose from that list.
Him: Sounds great.

*And guess what? 8 PM comes along aaaaaaaaand…..

We end up not watching any of the movies, and just picking some random movie that we’ve seen 1000 times before. Like Tommy Boy or something like that.

To be perfectly honest, I’ve picked up gaming during the lock-down (which was nice), and I’ve been trying to exercise at home since the gyms are closed. But watching movies have been a religious ritual for me and Martin. It’s always been that way. I mean we met at a movie screening for FUCK’s sake. What happened to us? Have we forsaken our religion? I think we are, and I’m not OK with it.

Not to mention that now I usually fall asleep during a movie, which has never happened to me before. I laughed and scoffed at people who did that before. Now, i’m one of those people.

Man, I’m getting old.

But the crappy movie selection has hit me the hardest. I used to watch fantastic movies. I was the go-to person for good movie recommendations. I mean I own a blog in which I do that same exact thing. I recommend good movies. Great movies in fact!

And just when I thought that I would binge on quality content, I binged on stupid Netflix rom coms that I don’t even remember the title of. Sure I watched some decent TV shows (namely Normal People), but I miss the decent movie portion of that as well. It’s bad enough that the movie theaters are closed. Now I have to deal with crappy movies at home too.

Have you been experiencing something similar? Tell me all about it in the comment section. I’d love to know what movies YOU have been watching during the lock-down.


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