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Anne Hathaway! Quitting Alcohol Is The Best Decision You’ll Ever Make


Hey Anne Hathaway! I’m proud of you girl!. As you may have heard, the Academy Award winning actress Anne Hathaway announced her sobriety and plans for a lengthily sobriety. The actress while chatting with Ellen, informed the fans that she’s planning to stay clear from alcohol for the next 18 years, and publicly declared that she’s been sober since October.

I’m really happy for her to be honest. She’s a young mother and she needs to spend her time and attention to her child, not caring for a hangover from the previous night. Now, I’m not a mother or a celebrity but I do have some knowledge to give on this subject.

I had an unhealthy relationship with alcohol for the better part of my 20’s and spent the entire decade in many alcoholic states. My drug of choice was Vodka, but as my addiction progressed I had to drink everything that was in front of me. Wine, tequila, beer and pretty much anything I could get my hands on.

In the Ellen interview, she mentioned that the reasons to quit the booze was a terrible hangovers that she had in the morning after. Oh yeah, I can relate to that too. Meetings, interviews, appointments and the whole 10 yards in between. I went to work with worst hangovers possible, and as any drunk would tell, you it’s incredibly difficult to get things done when your head is pounding, and you need to take the inside of your stomach in order to feel better.

I would imagine that your kid’s drop off to school is extremely difficult task to maneuver when you’re hangover, and I applaud her for the decision to be a better mom and person. But for me the side benefits of giving up the booze were the influx of energy that I suddenly had and how the pounds just stared melting off. The empty calories from the alcohol and the eating that I did afterwards really ballooned me. Oh and my skin cleared up too. Getting rid of the toxins really had a positive effect on my skin, and I really liked it.

So, yeah! Bravo Anne and be strong. The first couple of months (oh who am I kidding- the first year) will be a challenging one but after a while things will get back to normal. I still have cravings for alcohol to this day, but I manage to suppress them with strong will and clear mind. And Anne Hathaway will be fine. It’s still the best decision she’ll ever make!


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