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All the times Gary Oldman was „real“ on film


What is left to be said about Gary Oldman? You probably know that he’s probably most versatile and talented actor of his generation. He’s an inspiration, an idol and a legend for so many aspiring actors, and a go to actor with the film audience. Even if the movie he’s in is bad, you know that his performance will be impeccable. That’s Gary Oldman.

Perfectionist and auteur of his craft, to the point that actually when you see him, makes it all look so effortless. Like it’s no big deal. Being Sirius Black or George Smiley. And i’m happy to report that Mr. Oldman is once again on top of his game, and in another great project.

Joe Wright’s Darkest Hour. The British legend is playing ex Prime minister of the United Kingdom, Winston Churchill is Joe Wright’s latest movie, and according to many media outlets and film experts he’s not only a top contender for another Oscar nomination, he’s also a top favorite for the win.

Oldman in his entire career has been lauded for portraying iconic characters whether they are fictional or real based characters that actually existed, his fans and admirers have ravished and respected them with the same awe.

But let’s put aside his fictional iconic characters. Let’s focus on the real ones. The actual people that existed in history and Gary Oldman was fortunate to embody them on screen.

Sid and Nancy (1986)

Director: Alex Cox
Real life person Gary is portraying in there: Sid Vicious
Fun fact about it: Gary Oldman lived on a diet of steamed fish and melon to lose enough weight to play the emaciated, heroin-addicted Sid, and was hospitalized when he went too far and became malnourished.

Prick Up Your Ears (1987)

Director: Stephen Frears
Real life person Gary is portraying in there: Joe Orton
Fun fact about it: Ian McKellen turned down an offer to play Kenneth Halliwell, a role that went to Alfred Molina. McKellen has said that he lived to regret that decision.

JFK (1991)

Director: Oliver Stone
Real life person Gary is portraying in there: Lee Harvey Oswald
Fun fact about it: Oliver Stone regards this film as his The Godfather (1972).

Immortal Beloved (1994)

Director: Bernard Rose
Real life person Gary is portraying in there: Ludwig van Beethoven
Fun fact about it: Although the movie stars Gary Oldman and he appears from the very beginning, he does not say anything for the first twenty minutes of the film.

Darkest Hour (2017)

Director: Joe Wright
Real life person Gary is portraying in there: Winston Churchill
Fun fact about it: John Hurt died during the filming of the film. Hurt was supposed to be in the film portraying Neville Chamberlain, but Gary Oldman said in an interview, that because of how sick he was and that he never made it to a reading, Hurt never filmed a scene, as he was being treated for cancer, which later took his life as filming was going on. The film will still be dedicated to Hurt, as it was his final project he was involved with.


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