Blast from the past

A trip down memory lane: the Oscar thanks to Harvey Weinstein


Harvey Weinstein related news are not slowing down second week in a row, and recently the Academy Award winner Kate Winslet added her story to the pile of dirt about Weinstein and his discussing behavior.  She actually shared the story about how she deliberately did not thank Weinstein in her Oscar speech in 2009.

She did thanked 19 people during her acceptance speech but despite specifically being told to mention him she chose to shun him. Winslet elaborated that that’s because he was nasty bully (as she put it) and a very rude man to almost everyone. He even called her female agent with very vulgar names (to her face) and because of that she didn’t feel that should mention his name in the Oscar accepting speech.

Kate Winslet won an Oscar for best leading role in The Reader, but for now, let’s take a trip down memory lane and look at the film-makers who mentioned Harvey Weinstein in their speeches at the Oscars. Starting from 1993 up to the last year’s ceremony. This is a Quartz production video.


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