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A Nostalgic Look Back At The 2000’s Charlie’s Angels


And in my opinion, probably the best Charlie’s Angel’s movie. To be fair I haven’t seen the latest reboot directed by Elizabeth Banks (yet), but form what I hear it’s not particularly good and I’m a little bummed out about it.

To be even fairer, I didn’t really liked the 2003 sequel, Full Throttle but hey… I mean no disrespect to anyone involved in the making in the movies. Yup, even to Elizabeth Banks as well, and her stupid, vapid and insipid comments about the male portion of the movie going fans. But I digress.

Right here in this post, I’d like to pay an homage to the Charlie’s Angels. The first and as far as I’m concerned, the only good movie that’s based on the 70’s crime-drama TV series. Holly shit you guys. Charlie’s Angels is 19 years old (as of this month) and still kicking ass. And just why was Charlie’s Angels so great (despite the numerous flaws?) you might ask?

Well, for one it was feminist without being too pushy and in your face about it. It didn’t have an agenda. It just was, contemporary, modern and conveyed a strong feminist undertones that were beautifully portrayed. The three ladies (or the Angels if you will) were smart, beautiful, strong, witty and they looked good in matching pant-suits as much as they looked hot and beautiful in evening gowns. No man was bashed, and Tom Green was his usual Tom Green. As far as I can remember, the casting of Lucy Liu was not controversial at all, and Bill Murray was the PERFECT (and I do mean perfect) Bosley. Secondly, it didn’t took itself very seriously in any way. It was silly just because it was cool to be silly. The movie didn’t pretend to be anything but 90 minutes of silly fun, and everyone was fine with that. Remember?

And aside from the main 3 actresses (Lucy, Drew and Cameron), take a good look at the actor’s  line-up that basically composed the supporting roles: Sam Rockwell, Tim Curry, Kelly Lynch, Matt LeBlanc, Tom Green, Luke Wilson and the then-unknown Melissa McCarthy. And when it comes to the best (THE BEST!) performance in the entire movie, all eyes are always pointed at the amazing, the creepy and the brilliant Crispin Glover. He had no match then and has no match since to be honest. The creepy thin man is still to this day one of the best (almost) silent roles ever, and I adore seeing this movie just because of him.  Just to add that the script was co-written by Bill & Ted’s Excellent Adventure’s very own Ed Solomon, and Drew Barrymore served as one of the producers of the movie.

McG delivered a pretty decent work in the direction department, despite his over-reliance on wire-fu (a style of fighting that was heavily criticized even by Guillermo Del Toro) and it was a huuuge success at the box office- which sadly cannot be said about the 2019 reboot.

But all in all, 2000’s Charlie’s Angels was and still to this day is an amazing movie. It had humor, heart, kick-ass action scenes, plot that somewhat made sense, noticeable sisterly bond, amazing dance scenes, feminism and nobody was giving the cast and the crew any shit about it. I miss those simpler times, when the movie was good and there was little room for complaining from the collective male fandom. But if you have the chance, go back to Charlie’s Angels. The movie deserves another viewing now, and if by any chance you saw the reboot it will definitely give you a better appreciation for this 2000 action packed classic. Yes, I used the word classic there without any shame or trace of irony, just because it’s true. Problem?


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