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A music video is the inspiration behind Baby Driver… and I love that


Not just any music video. Noel Fielding starring and Edgar Wright directing music video to be exact.

But let me start from the top. Probably most talented director/writer of his generation, Edgar Wright has returned to the theaters with his latest movie Baby Driver and it’s a smash hit.

Enjoying 97% fresh on Rotten Tomatoes and earning 21 million dollars at the domestic box office in the first weekend, Baby Driver is probably Edgar’s finest movie. The movie also contains 2 Academy Award winners (Kevin Spacey and Jamie Foxx) and a killer soundtrack, but did you know that Baby Driver is actually inspired by Edgar’s older work? Me neither…

That’s right. The movie is actually „Inspired“ by the “Blue Song” music video for the electronic music group (hailing from Manchester, England) called Mint Royale.

The music video was released in 2003 and it has Noel Fielding in the role of a music-obsessed getaway driver, who times his bank robbery escapes to an eclectic selection of songs just like Ansel Elgort’s character Baby in 2017’s movie.

Speaking to NME, Wright even explained that the music video is very similar to the opening scene of Baby Driver, and frankly I cannot wait to see it.

But while we wait to hit the cinema and see Baby Driver, check out the Blue Song music video, directed by Edgar himself.


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