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A brief reminder of Laura Harrier’s awesome fashion style


Spider-Man: Homecoming opens next week people! It’s finally here! One of the most anticipated Marvel movies is about to be released in theaters, and with brand new actors, in the newly rebooted Marvel franchise.

Tom Holland is in the role of Peter Parker aka Spider-Man, Michael Keaton is his nemesis Adrian Toomes / Vulture, and Laura Harrier was picked for the role of Liz Allen, Peter’s live interest.

But let’s talk about Miss Harrier for a second. Yes she is talented and beautiful and perfect fit for this role, but have you noticed her style?

Yup… Refinery29 did a closet style close up video for Laura 3 years ago, and it’s gorgeous as you can imagine. In it, the Chicago native actress talks about her favorite fashion choices, favorite pieces from her closet and the way she transitions her wardrobe in different seasons.

Okay, okay, we know — it seems like there’s another It Girl born every minute. But you’ve really got to hear us out when it comes to Laura Harrier. Yes, she’s a beautiful model/actress with serious chops and a growing IMDB page. But it’s more than her looks or talent that’s got us interested. As you’ll see, Harrier’s attitude is a real refresher, and — just as important — the lady’s got style to spare. That’s why we shoehorned our way into her cute and appropriately small New York apartment (she’s a budding It Girl, after all) to check out what’s in her jam-packed closet. What we got was a lesson in layering leathers, overalls, and Old Navy sweaters from a rising star we won’t forget.

Said Rafinery29 about Laura but what did she say about her style?


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