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6 Awesome Movies To Watch In June


It’s June people! Yay! It’s one of my favorite months of the year. It’s not that hot where I live (July and August are scorching hot), I’m busting out all my summer dresses, skirts and sandals, I’m enjoying the sun and the 14 hours of daylight and oh my god.. I’m actually enjoying prepping for my wedding. I’ve got to pick up my invitations this months, so yeah. I’m looking forward to that.

I’m also looking forward in watching plenty of good movie latterly (because of the wedding prep I’ve kinda procrastinated going to the movie), but yeah.. June is going to be a great month for that.

It’s the official starting month of the summer blockbuster season and there’s plenty to see in June.

What are my favorites? Here you go. Hope you’ll like my pick.

Dark Phoenix

Director: Simon Kinberg

Stars: Sophie Turner, Jennifer Lawrence, James McAvoy….

Fun fact about the movie: This is Jessica Chastain’s first Marvel film. She previously turned down the roles of Maya Hansen in Iron Man 3 (2013) and Hope Van Dyne in Ant-Man (2015).

Premiere date: 7th June

Late Night

Director: Nisha Ganatra

Stars: Emma Thompson, Mindy Kaling, John Lithgow…

Fun fact about the movie: Mindy Kaling wrote the role of Katherine specifically for Emma Thompson.

Premiere date: 7th June

Men in Black: International

Director: F. Gary Gray

Stars: Tessa Thompson, Chris Hemsworth, Rebecca Ferguson…

Fun fact about the movie: Tessa Thompson and Chris Hemsworth previously teamed up as Valkyrie and Thor in Thor: Ragnarok (2017) and Avengers: Endgame (2019).

Premiere date: 14th June


Director: Tim Story

Stars: Samuel L. Jackson, Alexandra Shipp, Avan Jogia…

Fun fact about the movie: There is only a 6 year age difference between Richard Roundtree (Shaft I) and Samuel L. Jackson (Shaft II).

Premiere date: 14th June

The Dead Don’t Die

Director: Jim Jarmusch

Stars: Bill Murray, Adam Driver, Alyssa Maria App…

Fun fact about the movie: The cast includes one Oscar winner (Tilda Swinton) and six Oscar nominees (Adam Driver, Carol Kane, Bill Murray, Rosie Perez, Tom Waits, and Chloë Sevigny).

Premiere date: 14th June

Toy Story 4

Director: Josh Cooley

Stars: Keanu Reeves, Christina Hendricks, Tom Hanks…

Fun fact about the movie: Keegan-Michael Key and Jordan Peele, who are both co-stars in Toy Story 4 (2019) both previously starred in the crime comedy Keanu (2016). Coincidentally, Keanu Reeves is also their costar.

Premiere date: 21st June


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