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4 Of My Unusual Picks For Bond 25 Director


You’ve probably heard the news. Danny Boyle will no longer direct the upcoming Bond 25 movie. The Academy Award winner left the pre-production of Bond 25 due to „creative differences“ and the position is currently vacant.

So the premiere of the movie is set for November 8 2019, and the studio is in pursuit of director that will direct the latest Bond installment. I have a few thoughts about his replacement to be honest, and while you not agree with some of my picks…. Hear me out and be open-minded.

Christopher Nolan

The man can revive a franchise (and a character) like no other. Look what he did with Batman in the Dark Knight trilogy. He’s incredibly meticulous, gifted director with a passion for practical effects as opposed to the dominant use of CGI. I’ve been a fan of his work since I saw Memento, and although I don’t always agree with the actress choices in his movie (I’m looking at you Scarlett Johansson) I think he’s the best choice for Bond 25.

Ryan Coogler

Ryan Coogler is amazing, I know. And not because he made one of the best Marvel movies ever (Black Panther), but because his directing technique is stylish yet practical. He has a thing for long takes and I just love that. He can blend gritty drama with fantastic action and that’s frankly a perfect formula for making an awesome Bond movie.

Christopher McQuarrie

The only Academy Award winner on this list. Christopher McQuarrie may have started his career as a screen-writer but over the last 2 decades has proven himself as a very gifted and visually stunning director. Jack Reacher and the last Mission Impossible movies were practically master-pieces and if you enjoy seeing his action scenes as much as I do, you’ll back me up on my claims that he’ll be great as a Bond director.

Jeff Nichols

Haven’t heard of him? I don’t blame you to be honest, but it’s quite a shame that he’s still an anonymous to the general public. Yes, he’s the youngest director of this list, but what he lacks in age he well compensates in talent. The Rolling Stone critic Peter Travers already named Nichols as the best director of his generation, and right now at the age of 37 has 5 feature length movies in his resume. He’s already attached with the Alien Nation remake, but nothing will make me happy to see him dip his toes in a franchise like Bond. It will be much deserved.


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